WaniKani Makes my Router Restart (what)

TL/DR: Whenever I do lessons or reviews on a specific device, my router just goes kaput and disconnects all my devices. This started happening this week, maybe this has something to do with when everyone was forced to re-login?

Long Story:
This week I noticed that my 2 year old router kept restarting but couldn’t isolate the problem - I thought that the intermittent connection was brought about by the strong typhoon passing through the country. Days later, with better weather, the old router finally passed away and was replaced by my ISP with a same model.

So, I logged in, fooling around the internet as usual before my nightly review session, then suddenly it happened again. All of my devices and the network restarted, including the router! Surely it must not have been the router since all my other devices can connect fine and I have been using another laptop for work for the whole day, and have sneaked some short WaniKani review sessions on there too without any problem.

I immediately thought, “Oh, so my personal laptop is the culprit.” And the laptop is barely 2 months under my use, it’s still very new.

I tried isolating the problem, then noticed that it only happens when I do WaniKani lessons on my personal laptop. I did a ton of other things, watch videos, stream music, social media, upload files and online gaming, nothing else is hostile against the router except WaniKani. Although I can still use it on my other devices.

I have absolutely no idea why this is happening or how can I stop it lol


Hm this seems a tough problem, let me call @Mods

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Huh…haven’t heard of this issue before, that seems odd. Have you tried using WaniKani on any other device on that same router?

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Are you running any scripts?

Only thing I can think of is runaway network requests filling up the router memory or, maybe, the PAT translation table.

Yes, WaniKani works on all my other devices. It’s only one specific laptop that does it

I don’t think I’m running any scripts since I’m not much of a power user.

I thought of also flushing DNS and renewing/releasing ipconfig, did absolutely nothing

For a non-power user, you sure know much about DNS and ipconfig


Can you go to the router interface and access logs? Hopefully there’s some hints just before the crash.

Um, thanks? I knew about those because of a simple Google search, so… I don’t even know what those technically do but I have some understanding and just did it as a troubleshooting step.

Does it happen on all your browsers or only a specific one on that device?

I tried accessing the logs but apparently because of the restarts, the logs were deleted (which is weird). I’ve also been trying to replicate the problem so I can pull out logs like you suggested, strangely they haven’t been occurring since over the weekend.

Maybe it has something to do with my ISP or something? Or the size of my reviews during those time were 60+ items on average lol

Good question, I only use Firefox on this specific device. But the problem hasn’t occurred since last July 30, I think… I’ll try it on Chrome if I encounter the problem again.

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If it does keep happening, could you send us an email with the latest updates of your issue and the browser/OS you’re having issues with? Thanks.

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