WaniKani Maintenance

How about when wanikani has a scheduled maintenance, the website tells you what time it’ll be in Japan? Just a suggestion…




Well, they did tell the UTC time, which is the international standard. As long as you know that Japan is UTC+9.


Checking WK, it still said there was a maintenance scheduled. I got confused, then remembered that it wasn’t the 11th yet in the US.

Shouldn’t be that hard to show the maintenance time in the current locale as well …

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I think it should be maintenance time in Hawaii.

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Mars time is more preferable to me.


Given WaniKani’s goal, it would be a nice tilt of the hat to not force our Japan-based members to make the TZ conversion in their heads (in my own completely unbiased opinion :innocent::angel:)

More to the point, is there any way to specify the time in the banner, such that it automatically renders in local TZ of the reader’s browser?


I can tell you it is absolutely possible. It’s just that doing this takes time away from doing other things - it is a matter of priorities, imo.

This, and I think it is not that hard to look it up in Google. e.g. “10:00PM UTC in Japan Time”

I mean, that is how I always convert to the time in my country and with a little effort, you can easily find out what time the maintenance will be in your country.

Hope this helps

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Make 1000 people google the time <–> write a JS one-liner :thinking:


It could also show a countdown. That’s timezone independent.


Good point.

I have been thinking though, why Japan specifically? It’s true that WaniKani is a Kanji learning app, but the users are scattered across the world, I believe. I had thought that putting UTC by itself is already good enough. :sweat_smile:


The point is that with some simple code you can show everybody’s local time. So for one person it might say “January 11 at 2:00 PM” and for another person it’ll say “January 11 at 9:00 PM” and so on. So it wouldn’t be Japan (or any single timezone) specifically.

I see. I did not know that this can be done. Learning something new every day, I guess. Thanks :smiley:

Perhaps next time they will avoid the controversy and just make it a surprise.


We’ll see if anyone is listening :slight_smile:

The thing is, if the countdown/date/whatever is in the forums, WaniKani doesn’t own the forum code, it’s open-source, so they’d need to familiarize themselves with the forum codebase before making any changes. But if it’s open-source, you can make the change.

@viet what’s the Github project info for the forum codebase?

EDIT: I’m all for localization (what @seanblue and others are proposing), but for the others proposing to put everything in JST, keep in mind UTC is standard and is never swayed by daylight savings time unlike many other timezones (I believe JST included).

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I literally just highlighted 10 PM UTC from the announcement, right clicked and hit “Search Google” and it automatically converted it to my local time – “10:00 PM Thursday, in Coordinated Universal Time is
7:00 AM Friday, in Chiba, Chiba Prefecture”.

Thought that was pretty awesome.


keep in mind UTC is standard and is never swayed by daylight savings time unlike many other timezones (I believe JST included).

JST never sways.