Wanikani-like reviews for context sentences

I don’t know about you, but I am finding it really really hard to actually put WK kanji/vocab to use. There are context sentences, but the grammar is not explained, and they are not part of the SRS.

It would be nice if there was a piece of software that would take WK context sentences (or its own sentences, based on what WK kanji/vocab you already know), break them down (explaining the grammar) and add them to some sort of SRS. Does something like this exist?

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Are you familiar with Bunpro?


Not a big fan of Bunpro. I always thought of it as an isolated tool to learn grammar. I am looking for an immersion-building tool, since I never got to the stage where I can read/listen to/watch japanese content.

They actually just released a deck feature with flashcards for vocab today, plus they’ve also been releasing texts for each individual JLPT level with grammar explanations

Maybe something like SatoriReader would also be good for you, it’s not exactly what you are looking for though. It’s a website to help you start reading Japanese, each story / text has extremely detailed grammar explanations. You can also add words from texts to a review section. So if you’re doing reviews, it shows the sentence that the word appeared in, to help you figure out the meaning by knowing the context and remembering the story you read.

Don’t know about any tools that can break down a sentence other than maybe jisho/yomichan, but theyre more like dictionary entries than explanations. You could still stick those onto something like anki and mine that, though.

Also, I would recommend getting the anime context sentence script. I find that the phrases from it give a better sense of context than WKs :]

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SatoriReader sounds interesting, and I didn’t know that Bunpro got an upgrade. Maybe I’ll give it another shot. But it would still be nice to utilize WK context sentences somehow…they are very easy to skip.

To be fair, we could also join our forces and work through the WK context sentences, explaining the individual grammar points and structures. Should I host a thread? Would that be useful in any way?


Yes, totally!

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Here’s the thread I created. Right now it’s just a template + 1 post. I will add more when I have some more time :slight_smile:

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Satori Reader also links to your WK account to only show Kanji that you’ve learned and you can tweak what levels are shown.


I SRS the WaniKani sentence in Kitsun. I find them very helpful and I just scope the vocab I want to learn additionally. I could just post the deck, if the mods are ok. Otherwise, this post links to WK sentence for import to whatever you want to use.