Wanikani-like for Exercises?

Does anyone recommend a site/platform that’s like wanikani (tracks/progress) but focused on exercises? I feel like there are lot of good websites for input (wanikani, busuu, japanesepod) but I don’t know any focused on exercises. Either writing or multiple choice would be good…

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Maybe try Kanshudo? :slight_smile:

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What do you mean by exercises? Gammar exercises or kanji exercises?

I first read this thinking it was about physical exercise…
We’ve all been there :pensive::muscle::pinching_hand:


Grammar and Kanji. Kinda like the exercises we get on the books and for JLPT. But instead of just doing it solo, have them in a platform that tracks your progress and so on.

BunPro might be exactly what you’re looking for!


As @ioric said, Bunpro is your best option. I used it everyday but it does not have Kanji exercises or JLPT (N5/N4) stuff like use the correct particle, it also does not have listening comprehension exercises as the JLPT but they recently added reading material.

Wow BunPro looks exactly like what I am looking for. Will give it a go this month. Will try Kashundo as well. Thank you, guys :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on the two, Bunpro and Kanshudo? I’m looking for a good srs grammar program like Bunpro, but I also would like to have a vocabulary srs that supplements WaniKani like Kanshudo’s site does.

Bunpro currently has a vocab srs feature in beta, however they only have decks for N5 and N4. It is nice because the vocab srs syncs to WK, so if you link WK to BP you will not see words you already learned on WK. However the vocab srs is still in beta until the feature gets further fleshed out and some bugs are ironed out.

I’ve been using bunpro since you guys recommended and it’s fantastic. Bunpro + Wanikani is giving me a major boost!

Do I recommend sites like WK? No. Do they exist? Yes. Are the good? Depends on the person. I see BunPro recommended but it really didn’t work for me.

If you’d like a free choice to try, there’s renshuu.org too

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