Wanikani-like for Exercises?

Does anyone recommend a site/platform that’s like wanikani (tracks/progress) but focused on exercises? I feel like there are lot of good websites for input (wanikani, busuu, japanesepod) but I don’t know any focused on exercises. Either writing or multiple choice would be good…

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Maybe try Kanshudo? :slight_smile:

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What do you mean by exercises? Gammar exercises or kanji exercises?

I first read this thinking it was about physical exercise…
We’ve all been there :pensive::muscle::pinching_hand:


Grammar and Kanji. Kinda like the exercises we get on the books and for JLPT. But instead of just doing it solo, have them in a platform that tracks your progress and so on.

BunPro might be exactly what you’re looking for!


As @ioric said, Bunpro is your best option. I used it everyday but it does not have Kanji exercises or JLPT (N5/N4) stuff like use the correct particle, it also does not have listening comprehension exercises as the JLPT but they recently added reading material.

Wow BunPro looks exactly like what I am looking for. Will give it a go this month. Will try Kashundo as well. Thank you, guys :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on the two, Bunpro and Kanshudo? I’m looking for a good srs grammar program like Bunpro, but I also would like to have a vocabulary srs that supplements WaniKani like Kanshudo’s site does.