Wanikani levelling up

I assume lots of people are using reorder script to start with the new kanji asap. When you guru a kanji, you get vocabulary that uses it, in the middle of the level for the first batch, and in the beginning of the next level for the second batch of kanji. I use the script to keep the vocabulary lessons separate from kanji/radicals lessons.

For example, I unlock a level and get new radicals, new kanji, and vocab for previous level kanji. I reorder the lessons to show me radicals/kanji on day 1. Then until I guru the radicals and get the second batch of kanji, I do vocabulary lessons. Then kanji again, then new vocab that unlocks after guruing the second batch of kanji. You level up when you guru kanji, and this is the way to start doing it immediately.

I don’t start learning new kanji until I’ve finished vocabulary lessons from the previous level though, I only leave new unlocks for later. That’s how you can pace yourself and not level too slow or too fast for what works for you.