WaniKani level to read ベルセルク

One of my old goals was to be able to learn enough kanji so that I could read the ベルセルク manga in Japanese. I have held off reading it in English, just so I can enjoy it once I eventually learn to read and understand kanji! It’s not a main goal anymore, however, I’d still love to be able to read it.

What WaniKani level do you think is required before you could start understanding most of what’s written? I’m guessing that there’s a lot of old style kanji used, and so I’m guessing it’s not an easy read?


Natively rates Berserk at level 31, which (very approximately) pegs it at the JLPT N2 level. You’ll have learnt 80% of the N2 kanji on WaniKani by level 37, and 100% by level 51.

Grammar is a whole different cookie, though. WaniKani doesn’t teach grammar, but you’ll need it before you can actually read anything.


Natively is a good website to know, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hopefully I’ll be able to learn grammar from my other inputs.

Thanks a lot! :smiley:


The ugly truth with hard manga in particular is the perfect level to read them is whenever you find the free time to slog through it. I wouldn’t start with it of course, because it’s a bit disheartening when a page that you would speedread through in English takes upwards of a day. However, doesn’t matter how much time you spend on WK, doesn’t matter how many kanji you know, unless you spend literal years learning the language, you most likely will struggle through it. So, my answer is: probably doesn’t matter, which level you start with, but it will matter how much content you’ve consumed by then.


Usually, the ugly truth is the best truth. Thanks! I just need to keep absorbing everything and continue studying.