Wanikani korean

Does anybody know if there is something like wanikani for the Korean language?

There have been other threads on this. I’d suggest searching for those


Do you mean studying hanja?

I studied ganja in Jamaica


Hangul only takes a couple weeks or so to learn. I learned it from Billy Go’s “Korean Made Simple” book from Amazon. Hangul is pretty much just an alphabet the way Hiragana or Katakana is, and Korean doesn’t use Chinese characters.

Not quite. 漢字 may not be used widely in Korea anymore, but its effects are still felt in the language, in the same exact way that on’yomi words are in Japanese. Learning hanja will help to grasp those wacky Chinese-based compound words in Korean, just like we do here on WK. I’m assuming that’s what OP is after.

I don’t have an actual answer for you OP, but whenever I learn a likely-looking vocab word in Korean, I’ll plug it into hanja.dict.naver.com to see if I get any hits on it. If I do, I note it down in my Korean vocab notebook and plug it into my Korean flashcard deck on memrise to take a look at once and a while.

At the very least, I was able to impress a coworker by correctly guessing 50% of the hanja involved in the word 대기인수 while we were waiting in the bank one day, so my efforts haven’t been TOTALLY in vain.

This has been a bit of a long, weird post, so here’s a fun hanja combination to lighten the mood: to study, 공부 (하다), is written as 工夫 (하다).


Talk to me in Korean sells a hanja book

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I have the TTMIK Hanja book, which I’ve just started using. I’d also recommend a book called Handbook of Korean Vocabulary, which also lists words under their roots (Korean or Chinese). WaniKani has actually helped me look back at Hanja more easily.

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