WaniKani Kanji Quiz Game Show?



I’m sure it would actually attract more viewers.


That works for me. I’ll just spam the chat with emoji. :rainbow: :tada: :motorcycle:


It sounds really fun. I don´t really have deep knowledge about kanjis and there are still a lot of them that I don´t know but if it´s okay I would like to join :slight_smile:


Anyone is welcome.

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Not sure I would do particularly well, so unsure if I would join, but I’d def like to watch at least! I think it would be fun and good for learning ^^

Just wondering, what Discord server is this? Or would it be a new one someone would create?

It would probably be a new one. Leebo and I have been battling head to head in a sever I made, but I was planning on making a new one.

Right now, we are really just looking for a fun game night centered around japanese like leebo and I have been doing. The problem is, while leebo and I have very different skill sets, for random quizzes usually it averages out and is anyones game. For a large group of people with a more diverse skill level, it may not be so easy to get a nice fun game for everyone.

As a result of that, we were planning on having the first game night or two really just be a test-the-waters approach so we can see what we can do to make the trivia night more fun for everyone involved. Leebo has had some good ideas that I wanted to try out, and theres a few different question types we were thinking of playing with.

With that being the case, we probably aren’t going to have spectators for the first game, just so that everyone can relax better and the focus can first be on making sure the contestants a good time before worrying about making it some entertainment for others.

If you are interested in competing, please add me on discord at Vanilla#4107. We can all then talk about details and I’ll get your guys’ input directly on what kinda game you want in terms of questions/structure/length/start time etc. @Belthazar @MegaZeroX @SyncroPC @jneapan @PetiteChose



I do hope you managed to sew them back on :sweat_smile:


As a newbie, I’m one of these people! Will be interesting to see how far I’ve got to go :sweat_smile:

Alright, I have the quiz made. In total its 31 questions.

Again, if anyone wants to participate please add me soon.


So there’s a Final Jeopardy question too?


I must say, I am particularly happy with the final jeopardy question. Its a multiple choice one thats both incredibly hard and incredibly easy at the same time. In the middle of making it, I forgot which one was the right answer and actually got it wrong despite making the question myself.

On the otherhand, I wouldn’t be surprised if a level 10 person on WK was able to get the right answer.

Also, as for quiz difficulty I think most stuff up to the 三段 should be fair game for someone with moderate experience with the language. The last two 段s are a bit more of a toss up depending on category, but doable I think. Since I’m pulling my punches pretty hard with the difficulty, I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of the more experienced members got perfect scores or just got 1 wrong…so I’m going to have a special tiebreaker prepared. No punches will be pulled for that.


If you go it wrong, I assume it was not 魑魅魍魎 :frowning:

Nope lol. But I did do the quiz with another friend and he got it right despite not being that experienced with Japanese!

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Sorry for the late response, been really busy with school! That sounds good, will add you on Discord just now

13.5 hours until start :slight_smile:

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Congrats to @jneapan for being the first winner! He is now the proud new owner of a cat.



EDIT: Learned that I need to get on to discord more than 10 minutes before we start in case of troubleshooting…


For people looking on, it was a lot of fun! To get an idea of the difficulty range for this quiz:

3 of the “easy” ones: 用いる, 直ぐ , 一石二鳥

3 of the “hard” ones: 刎ねる, 珈琲, 乍ら

And 3 possible bonus tie breakers that were made for a possible showdown between @Leebo and @Naphthalene: 天網恢恢疎にして漏らさず, 美人局, 見縊る (and fortunately for us poor mortals that wanted to win, neither of those two were able to play :stuck_out_tongue: )


tbf コーヒー was level 4.

For those curious, the 6 level 1 questions were:

直ぐ, 左右、 用いる, 一石二鳥, 聴く, and 田舎

and the 6 level 5 questions were

乍ら, 位, 不倶戴天, 一か八か, 刎ねる, and 母屋

The final jeopardy was knowing which of these was the correct spelling of sakaba

酒埸 洒場 酒場 洒埸

And the four tie breaker was 2 expressions and 2 words

天網恢恢疎にして漏らさず, 弘法筆を選ばず、美人局、 and 見縊る