Wanikani + Kamesame + Bunpro

I’ve finally graduated High School! (ahead of time since exams were canceled)
That means my gap year has officially begun. I started Wanikani back in 2017 and got all the way up to level 30 before I quit entirely to focus on getting in Uni (which I did so yay).
So now I’ve reset by Wanikani, as well as replacing Kaniwani for Kamesame and finally making regular use of my lifetime Bunpro.
Has anyone else done the same? How did it go?
Of course, I’m also loaded up on immersion materials and I’m really excited for the year ahead of me.


I’m doing Wanikani + Kamesame + iKnow.jp

The only constant has been Wanikani. I do WK reviews several times a day, and my apprentice number rarely exceeds 100. I try to do 2 hours of iKnow every week, and in the beginning it worked well (I started in September and my streak of 2 hours per week ended in early February). But I’m starting to do 2 hours per week again last week.

I usually do Kamesame while on the move (subway, train, airplane). Since I’m not travelling much these days (guess why), I have been slacking on Kamesame a bit. I usually did the 50 lessons per week to get the star, these days I only do 5 lessons per week and as many reviews as possible (which I admit is usually less than 100 items per week).

But I also work full time (even now), so YMMV. When I had more time (holiday etc.) I definitely was able to do all three at the same time.

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I’d personally replace Kamesame with something else, like supplementary reading/listening or whatever you find fun. Three separate SRS systems is a surefire way for me to get bored and burned out. I think you can get more mileage out of other things than repeating WK content in reverse.


Okay, so first of all, congratulations on getting into university and graduating!! おめでとうございます!! :partying_face: :clap:

I’m also doing Wanikani + Kamesame + Bunpro, but I have to admit that I’ve been slacking more than I would like. Since I got back from quite a long hiatus (basically since confinement started lol) I’ve caught up on my billions of reviews and I’m working on my lesson pile, but that’s gonna take some time. I got burned out by using all three and juggling it with my full time DOUBLE studies, so yeah…

I haven’t done Kamesame in I think a week?? I should really get back to that… especially that I really like the rewarding feeling of KNOWING a Japanese word and not just recognising it.

And Bunpro!! I had stopped for a while, and now that I got the yearly subscription I restarted, even adding new lessons now! Some advice: don’t add too many lessons in one day, or you’ll be submerged in reviews and it’ll take all the fun away! I learnt from that and now it’s no more than 4 lessons/day.

I also use a book to help also with being able to write my own sentences and practice some reading and grammar points I’m not necessarily seeing in Bunpro at the moment, or even those I saw in Bunpro but am now applying to write my own sentences. It’s a French book called 日本語のまねきねこ and once you know how to use it, it’s not TOO bad. Especially if you have Japanese friends correcting what you do xD any French speakers here using it?

I’m also loaded up on immersion materials

What materials do you use? I haven’t really found any immersion materials…

Anyway, before I start talking eternally, I have to go, I have an exam now… wish me luck, cause it’s gonna be the death of me :cold_sweat:


Lately, I’ve been just recommending doing Core 10k with English - Japanese as well. ~3.7k words from Wanikani are on Core 10k, so you get to work on your recall with the most common words either way, and at the same time you focus on expanding your vocab.