Wanikani July JLPT Community Event (aka Joint Mock JLPT on July 4th, home thread)

I was not planning to take JLPT any time soon, but this is just too tempting :upside_down_face:
So I will try my luck at N2. After having taken lower-level JLPT tests galore (N5, N5, N4, N4, N3, and passed each time) and did lots of studying for them, I am currently totally swept away by the sweet joy of reading books :wink: In other words, I did not do any grammar studies and only very little vocab studies for N2 yet, and I am not really planning to start them until summer (maybe vocab, though). I’m curious to see how it will turn out…


Ooh, I’m very interested, so I think I will sign up to this. Does anyone know a good way of indicating which JLPT level one currently is at?
I think I might do N4, since I have finished N5 and N4 grammar on BunPro, and of course I have finished Wanikani. I haven’t practiced reading and, speaking and listening almost at all yet, so I think I might need some time for that before I do the test.
Since this is a mockJLPT I think I might want to try JLPT N3 as well, but I’m a bit unsure whether that is an achievable goal for me, especially with my lack of decent vocab.

In any way, a new goal would do me some good and give me new motivation, so I’d love to partake!


Try the sample questions here. They have samples of all the different types of questions too, including listening.


Oh thank you, this will definitely give me a good indication.

Do you know if there were originally any speaking parts in the JLPT?
I can understand that there aren’t any in this mockJLPT, but I’d imagine they were part of the original test?


No speaking in the test. Esp. since JLPT is a paper based test (or at least was 3 years ago, when I took it)

Only the usual, more easily manageable sections are included: vocab, kanji, grammar, listening and reading comprehension.


It’s only multiple choice for all the sections. No speaking or writing or anything that could be subjective.


I added myself! I don’t really have a strategy, but I have all the Shinkanzen books for N1. I work out of them occasionally.

Also, I don’t really know where my strengths and weaknesses are. Probably grammar, up to N3 level. I think that’s pretty solid. I should ask my teacher what he thinks.

And maybe do a practice test. Are there more practice tests on the JLPT website, besides the 2012 one?


I signed up also!
I’m learning the language solo as a hobby, so the main reason I’m interested in the JLPT is just fun/curiosity, so hey, might as well try a mock exam for the same reason!
I’ve got a bunch of the Shinkanzen books and I’ve been studying the grammar ones by transcribing example sentences and explanations into my general purpose mish-mash of an anki deck, but I haven’t been doing that very much lately because reading is more exciting…

I think I’d have a shot at the N2, and that I’d be 100% fine on kanji, probably okay on reading, iffy on grammar and in danger on listening. But I really have no idea where I am on the foolish hubris vs. selling myself short scale, so this experience would be interesting.
(my plan otherwise, since I have no time frame and no stakes is to just take the exam and try not to stress or care about the results and just keep taking it again if I fail)


What a fun idea! I’m signing up for N5 for now but if things seem to be going well by July I might shoot for N4 too, just for fun.

I have a study question! As far as strategy goes, how do people like to divide up their time? Right now I spend most of my time studying kanji and vocab, and only work on listening/reading and grammar much less. I know ultimately this isn’t going to get me far, but I only have an hour or two a day at most in which I can study. What is the best way to divide up time? For example, 20 min doing one skill, 20 min another, etc? Focus on one skill one day but another skill the next? What’s the most popular way?


Ok I’m actually going to take it this time rather than the december mock one I signed up for but didn’t actually take :speak_no_evil:
I’m planning on taking N2 in December so July will be a good baseline


My study group is pretty structured in how we study. During these COVID times, we are leaning more towards speaking/listening skills than grammar.

Schedule we roughly follow:

  1. 15 minutes grammar review (interwoven with the speaking)
  2. 60 minutes of free-flowing conversation
  3. 30-45 minutes of reading - 10分読める三年生(伝記、お話), NKH News Easy, hukumusume, etc.
  4. 15-30 minutes of videos - 日本語の森, NHK School Videos, etc.

We like to do a little of everything every time we meet, so that we aren’t bored by just doing one thing.

If you had only a single hour to study, I would recommend doing two things at the least, of which one is something fun but also works into the material you want to learn.


Who else is going for N3? My goal is specifically to pass N2 next July rather than actually be able to speak Japanese so I was pretty disappointed the JLPT was cancelled again this year. Hopefully this will give me the motivation to keep up with my study plan and see if I’m on track in July. I started WK in 2014 (with a lot of breaks since then) so I’m a bit of a veteran but I haven’t been active in the community. If anyone wants an accountability partner let me know!


Currently my schedule is super unstructured. I had very little time last year so I just did whatever I could. Since January I’ve had more time and now I also have a clear goal to set up a more structured ‘daily’ schedule for, so here goes. I’m aiming for N1 but I should also really review N2 material (and N3… N4…) so I’ll probably also sign up for N2. For now, I’ll try to stick to this as much as possible:

:four_leaf_clover: March/April :four_leaf_clover:


I know I tend to just… not stick with my schedule if I make it too complicated and with too many different things. Therefore, I’ve tried to keep my daily tasks a bit simple so I don’t burn myself out.

  • Watch/Listen to at least 30 minutes of Japanese content (youtube videos, podcasts)
  • Read 30 minutes of Japanese content (news, books, social media)
  • Study 2-5 N1 grammar points (新完全マスター文法N1)
  • Learn and review kanji and vocabulary with Wanikani (redo level 35 - 60)
  • Review N2/N3/N4 grammar points with (新完全マスター文法N4/N3/N2)
  • Practice N2 grammar, vocabulary and kanji (新にほんご500問N2

:four_leaf_clover: May/June :four_leaf_clover: (tentative)

  • Practice N2 tests (20日で合格N2文字・語彙・文法)
  • Practice N1 ‘tests’ (新にほんご500問N1)
  • Review N2/N3/N4 grammar points with (新完全マスター文法N4/N3/N2)
  • Practice N2 grammar, vocabulary and kanji (新にほんご500問N2

I really need to study N1 vocabulary more actively, but I’m not sure how. So any tips are welcome! (not specifically N1, any vocabulary studying strategies, in general, I’m very curious about)


My original goal (which was always [probably] out of reach) of completing N3 grammar points according to BunPro by July is probably out of the question based off various reasons and excuses as to why I’m slacking, but I’m still gonna take the N3 'cause I feel like I can make educated guesses well enough to potentially pass it. Apart from listening. I’mma fail that COMPLETELY.
Currently 50% through N4 grammar points on BunPro and 12% through N3 and have finished Ch. 2 of Tobira. We’ll see how much further I get by test date. Though my listening will definitely not get better by then. Lol.


JLPT 2012 and 2018: JLPT Official Practice Workbooks


Live footage of me during a listening test in general


okay i signed up for N5 cos its about time :sob:

pls send help for listening :laughing:


I did the practice N5 last year that the Thai website put on and passed.

I’ve studied a lot since then so since it’s practice I’ll do N4 and check my progress before hopefully doing N3 or higher when the official test reopens.

Because I’m chaotic I study ad hoc around work. I use Genki II for N4 grammar mainly and then supplement it with extra reading from BunPro.

I’m awful at listening, so that’s probably something I should focus on.


First of all, お誕生日おめでとうございます! :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

Second, I’m curious about the practice test you got from the Thai website. Is it like the practice workbook from the jlpt website? Would it be ok if u share the thai website to us? :grin:

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I believe it’s closed now it was only a short period but they might do it again this year but they haven’t said anything either way.

I’m sorry though I was wrong about it being Thai, it’s actually Vietnamese (DungoMori)