WaniKani jStorage documentation?

Is there any documentation on WaniKani’s use of jStorage, particularly in lessons? I’m considering making a script that would let people specify the number of radicals/kanji/vocab for a lesson session.

From digging through the official lesson code and the Ultimate Reorder script, I found some useful things, like l/activeQueue, l/lessonQueue and more. But knowing every key for data being stored as well as what listeners are available would be very helpful.

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Nah, there’s no documentation, as it’s not technically a public API. You can fairly easily reverse-engineer it, though. Call $.jStorage.index() and check what’s available! When I was writing Jitai, I reverse-engineered what I needed by beautifying the minified JS WaniKani provides, but you shouldn’t even need to do that here. Once you’ve identified the keys you’re interested in, you can use $.jStorage.listenKeyChange(key, callback) to do your stuff.

You can also take a look at the source code for a few popular userscripts to see how others have hooked into it before. For example I know WaniKani Reorder Ultimate uses it a bit – I’m sure others do too, though.


Thanks, $.jStorage.index() is exactly what I was looking for!

This is basically unrelated (apologies), but when did those solved buttons appear on the forum? Does only the OP have access to them? I was very surprised to see it in your OP, @seanblue, but it’s a handy feature to have.

Also, related: Thanks for working on this and good luck! If you need some help with testing, I have plenty of lessons (50) at the moment, and can probably level up in a few days if wanted (to add radicals into the mix). If somehow it worked with or became an extra feature of the ultimate reorder script, I’d be even more excited.

Viet mentioned something about it, but in a Campfire topic for some reason. I think only OP can select it, but I’m not sure.

I’ve never written a WK script, so it might go a bit slowly while I figure out the events. I’m also not sure how I want the UI to look yet, so that might slow me down a bit.
I definitely want it to work independently from Ultimate Reorder. But as long as the UIs don’t conflict, I don’t see why they wouldn’t work together (assuming the events work as I expect them to).
And thanks for offering to test. I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s ready.

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Cool, sounds like a plan. : )