Wanikani is too slow and the Radicals are Useless. also Why Can't I just level up in one day instead of 7?

I’m aware how a doctor’s schedule works. My big bro’s gf is in that situation. My brother is going to follow the same path… But still… let’s agree to disagree :man_shrugging:


Fair enough.

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congratulations! you’re a true inspiration!


Thanks for this. I’ve been chugging along nicely for a year but my accuracy averages have dropped from 96% to 92% and after a few days of heavy drinking last week I feel completely useless currently. I don’t want to go back a couple of levels (although I did this last summer and it worked out well) so am now inspired to keep on going.

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B-But this is the internet! You can’t just not argue about stuff.

level 36 represent


Good luck. Keep plugging along. Rough patches suck, but surviving them makes you feel pretty awesome afterwards.

Congratulations TamanegiNoKame! For every onion turtle who leaves the nest, a nerdy martian arrives. I just leveled up to 4 (after a month) and bought a year subscription. Hopefully in several years, I will leave the nest as well.


Thanks for this! I have installed 1 reorder script, but it only seems to apply to reviews (which I don’t care about as I always (so far) do all available reviews in each session) - I’ll be installing this before my next lesson.

And a hearty congrats on 60! :tada:

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Thanks! Also, a small word of warning. Just make sure that you still do the vocab for a level before leveling up. Some people have abused this script and been hurt by it. Just thought I would give you a heads up.
Also, you might want to consider the ultimate timeline script if you do not already have it. It made visualizing what my reviews would look like for a day much simpler.


Congratulations for making it to level 60! Here’s to the start of burning everything while studying more kanji not covered by WaniKani.

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Keep up with your post-60 reviews, they hang around for a while :blush:
Turns into a game of whack-a-leech now, at least it has for me.


Thanks! Haha, yeah that is my plan. I am thinking of getting one of those leech-killer scripts. I probably have a few hundred of those at this point since i have just been ignoring them indefinitely up until now…:sweat_smile:

Nope. Factory work. :slight_smile:

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Forget Level 60, this ^^^^^ is the exciting news! Please tell us more!
(Also, congrats on the cake. :birthday::yum:)


Thanks! I am going to Hiroshima to teach English. My family kind of thought I was crazy at first when I told them, but they have become more accustomed to the idea now. I leave in a little more than a month. I know almost nothing about Hiroshima though, beyond that it is known for its okonomiyaki. I am planning to work there for at least 2 years, but maybe more if I like the job enough. I am hoping to get to a conversational level of Japanese while I am there too. Any suggestions/advice from people who have moved to Japan or done similar things would really be appreciated. It is, in a certain sense, a real dive in the deep end for me, but, while that makes it a bit stressful, it also is part of what makes it so exciting to me. :upside_down_face::turtle::slightly_smiling_face:


Hiiiiiiiiii, person who has done it here! :grin: I currently live and work in Japan! I’ve been here for about 2.5 years, it’s really freaking fantastic, I think you’re gonna love it!! Congratulations on your new job!! Depending on what level you’ll be teaching, you may not get too many chances to practice your Japanese at work as many schools prefer you don’t speak any Japanese whatsoever in the classrooms. Teachers also often want to practice their English with you as well, so joining local groups/teams/events are my best recommendation if you’re looking to improve your language skill! I joined a yosakoi dance team for a year and a half til I broke my foot, there are TONS of cool things in your community you can be a part of! If you see something that sounds/looks cool, ask around. Guaranteed someone knows someone’s kid’s aunt’s grandma’s dog-walker that can get you in. As for me, I’m pretty good at daily basic conversation, that’ll come with just being alive and existing here, but I can’t read AT ALL so after many a failed attempt at self-study here I am! :star_struck: So you’re already winning at that!

I’ve actually never been to Hiroshima myself, but all my friends who have gone there said it was amazing!! I think you’ll be happy there~ and even if you’re not, once you’re here its infinitely easier to find another job, especially with the revamp of the English education system starting this year.

One thing I can recommend is to bring AS MUCH money as you possibly can when you come over. I got slammed with all sorts of secret hidden fees when getting my apartment set up, it’s very typical of Japan to have key money, thank you money, “finders fees” (even if you inherit said apartment from your predecessor…), etc. in the amounts of many hundreds of dollars, so expect the worst and have money left over if you’re lucky! :money_mouth_face:

I’m happy to answer any questions if you’d like, anytime! Best of luck! :jp::shinto_shrine::sparkles:


THIS! Plus, most employers pay monthly, so it was a long 6 weeks between my arrival and getting my first pay packet, with a lot of the outgoings mochopochi listed.

Unless you are Japanese-sized, clothing and especially footwear will be difficult to get in your size, so plan and pack accordingly. (I’m told condoms are also smaller, so that might be a consideration)

Prescription meds: check that you’re not bringing in anything banned, and check if what you are allowed is readily available - I ended up flying overseas to get my one of my scripts renewed/filled, twice! I don’t know how much attitudes have changed in 15 years, but when I was there, depression was NOT recognised as a mental illness, just as weak character, so there were no treatments available.

Can’t think of anything else at the mo - those were the biggest sticking points for me.

P.S. Japan is humid as hell for the most part - buy the desiccant tubs/sachets and put them amongst your clothes, bedding and footwear - I lost 2 pair of leather shoes to mold before it got cool enough to wear them.


Actually things have improved a lot since then it seems! There are lots of psychiatrists around and treatment/medicine is actually fairly easy to get, though not all medication available overseas has an equivalent Japanese counterpart so after you do some homework, if you do need to bring in meds, you can get the Yakkan Shoumei filled out and bring over what you need~

Mens sizes definitely seem to run larger here (clothes/shoes-wise), my giant girl feet and apparently inhumanly long legs (I’m only 5’9"…) have trouble shopping tho so depending on your needs, packing shoes and pants (etc.) is a really good point!

As for other things being smaller, amazon.jp will be your friend for that :wink:


How did you do the last levels in exactly 3 days and 10 hours???

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I’ve heard mixed things about deodorant here, but I definitely prefer what I had at home. I’ve been super lucky in the clothing department, considering I’m about a 2x in American sizes. Shimamura is my friend. It’s kinda like Winners/Ross.