Wanikani is just not useful enough, but could be


if you’re interested, wkstats.com lists the n1 and joyo kanji not taught by WK…


Wanikani is a kanji application and the vocabulary is basically just training you to understand the readings and to be able to learn more vocabulary and kanji faster and for that it’s very effective. It’s not telling you to use 友人 instead of 友達, the reality is that 人 is just one of the easiest kanji to remember and it reinforces your readings of both of the kanji.
I recommend using anki to study kanji vocabulary along with wanikani.
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Yep, exactly


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Yep, exactly.


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I think what we all need to take a moment to remember when discussing necromancy and the controversy surrounding it is that wanikani is just not useful enough, but could be.


I actually re-read most of that thread, and I guess I felt… sad?
I wonder what happened of OP. I hope they moved on with their Japanese journey (instead of just giving up and surviving off “これをください” while handing over a cup ramen to a kombini cashier)


Well, if the OP is to be believed, he was close to fluency, so that wasnt exactly the situation he was in. Mostly he wanted to read kanji better, not improve his speaking skills.


That’s kinda weird, since he was adamant on wanting to learn stuff that would be useful in everyday life :thinking:
But regardless, if he stopped practicing Japanese altogether (very possible in a major city like Tokyo), his level would probably just melt away.


He’s long since deleted his account. This thread was recently brought back from the dead.