WaniKani is FREE What!?

:pensive: the plot twist

The forum is free! I enjoyed it so much I stayed 2 years before finally having enough for Lifetime saved up (I wanted lifetime so I could go slow)
Hope you enjoy stay with us, even if you cant afford paying yet. You can always learn through other sources and stay to chat, and get the levels later like I did.


It isn’t entirely free, but bunpro.jp is an excellent resource to keep in mind for more in-depth grammar study.

Many resources out there focus a lot on only the very basics of grammar—e.g., sentence structure and verb conjugation—but don’t focus much, if at all, on the nuances of grammar.

BunPro makes it easier to learn and understand the more complex grammatical structures beyond the simple subject-verb type of relationship. It’s the difference between learning robotic, ‘textbook’ Japanese and Japanese that’s much more natural.

As I said, it’s not entirely free. The free version lacks their SRS system, so you have to be diligent enough to do your own studying of their content, but it’s still a great resource to supplement vocabulary study elsewhere.

Also, they provide many useful links to read more in-depth about a given item, which is great for those concepts you need some more reading material to really grasp.

I’m sure it came up in one of the linked resource threads, but I also feel that Satori Reader is worth mentioning. Like BunPro, not entirely free, but still a neat resource if you want to practice reading in an environment built around learning the language.

Lastly, I did want to say be careful about using song lyrics to study the language. Depending on the genre, the grammar structures of the lyrics can be either very, very old or sometimes even just nonsensical by modern standards. Lyrics are written more for their rhythm and rhyme than their actual, grammatical value, y’know?

Anyway, sorry for rambling! I’m in class and very bored, lol. Welcome to WaniKani and I wish you the best on your journey! It’s incredibly rewarding. :blush: :purple_heart:


WK might cost. But it’s probably the best spent money. So much time is saved. Kind of rough as a kid to cough up the money, but I would try to find a way somehow. Kind of rough if one lives in a really poor country though. WK is not necessary, but it’s so damn useful and the money spent is just ridiculously low for the product one gets in the grand scheme of things.


However, you can still look up the items of higher levels for free, you just won’t get them as lessons and reviews until you subscribe.

Also, this forum is free and has a lot of useful information in sections like “Japanese Language”, “Japanese Only”, etc.

It’s still less, than you’d pay for a semester at a language school.