WaniKani info panel

Adding it to my home screen for my phone.
Yours http://wk.aincrad.cc/ plus this: http://ky.is/wanikani/#profile/stats are now in my Sprache shorcut folder.

Looks perfect in phone and tab too, should be ok in ipad I believe.
My company block the URL, thus will use it mainly on my phone.


Thanks that looks great! just looked at it on my phone and I’m in love

Okay, update time. As always, if you find any issues please say so!

Version 1.1 (2014/Nov/30)

  • [Added] Reload button (forcefully clears the cache)
  • [Added] Enlightened items up for review (burning chances) will be bright yellow
  • [Added] For devs: postMessage reporting of content height when used in iframe (implementation example)
  • [Security] Now your API key will never be stored in the server.
Note 1: The enlightened highlight might take a while to take effect due to css caches.
Note 2: I don’t actually have any enlightened items so I wouldn’t be shocked if it didn’t work properly.

Very nice, thank you.
Seems like I found one bug…

It shows me a lot of reviews for sat/16:30 in the list, including 19 ones from current level. Those reviews are nicely split to:

«15 items» in a day Sat 03:00
母 元 in a day Sat 10:30
午 分 in 2 days Sat 14:45
in 2 days Sun 11:30

in bottom table. It seems to merge them in the list somehow.

Thank you once again, very useful

Loving this. I’m just at the beginning, but this really helps me understand how and why I progress in a certain way. Plus , it looks pretty :slight_smile:

Nice App. Unfortunately date and time in the graph doesn’t match the time in the EXP chance list. However, the EXP chance list is correct, the graph is not. My timezone is correct set to Bangkok (+7h).