Wanikani incorrect pronounciation

No, there’s a setting in the vanilla WaniKani. Settings > App > Autoplay audio in lessons/reviews


For what its worth the wanikani pronunciation is totally wrong and nothing like I have ever heard all over Japan on all four main islands as well as Okinawa.

If you want to hear native speak then head on over to YouTube and do a search Japanese Train Announcements and there you will hear many videos where the word migi is inevitably used.

In my opinion the recording for migi on this site is probably a recording issue and not an accent or dialect issue.

Totally wrong. I bet they can’t even write kanji.


Back off he’s getting ready for N4, I believe. He knows his stuff.


I wonder what JLPT level Koichi and his chorus of reading voices have…

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Bet they haven’t even taken it! Posers.


Sorry if this was already mentioned here, I haven’t read every post

Dogen covers this topic in detail in his Phonetics course.

A similar phenomenon happens with other sounds in japanese as well (as he explains).

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I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. If you’re not, please reflect on your overreaction. This is the internet. Relax. See a therapist or something my man.


Here are a few examples of Japanese YouTuber 弟者 saying 右 with what sounds to me like a pretty soft g (mostly from his playthrough of Prey).



あ 右スティック押し込みがスコープか


右トリガーでショットガンを発射 (bonus for soft g in shotgun and trigger)

I made Anki cards with these from his subbed videos a way back…


Honestly, I’m more concerned about being destroyed by your years of karate training, cause I don’t know a lick of it.

Allow me to present an alternate possibility: the WaniKani pronunciation of 右 is a little bit off, possibly because of recording artefacts, possibly because the person recording it bit their tongue as they did so and noone spotted it. Who knows? Literally everyone in Japan, and his monkey’s uncle, will still recognise it as being 右. Everyone goes home happy, noone got off the wrong side of the train, and noone needs to be destroyed.


Japnaese Ammo の Misa’s pronunciation of 右 is a bit nasal, just a bit.



Funny you should mention karate. I’ve recently been rewatching Kimagure Orange Road and there is an episode with the main character doing karate punches during a scene. I can clearly hear him say 右 with a nasal g. So I only have one of two choices: Either Furuya Tōru, a 65-year-old native Japanese speaker with decades of voice acting experience, is correct in his pronunciation or he doesn’t actually know how to speak his own language correctly if you are to be believed. Call me crazy, but I’m guessing the former is more likely than the latter.


On the trains in Japan they’re always announcing which side the exit will be on for the next stop. Felt like 右側 was typically pronounced with a harder ‘g’ sound. Not always.

出口 (お出口) though… my first couple days in Tokyo I swear the female voice on the train was pronouncing it was おれんっじ or something!

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Oh, I dunno. Does he do karate? Does he write his kanji by hand?

Nono, it’s definitely オレンジ. The right side of the train is orange.


To your left, アリアカンパニー. And to your right, オレンジぷらねっと.


I think his being the dubbed voice of Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid Part II cements his creds as a karate man! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Five years is nothing. People have lived half their lives in other countries and will still be asked where they come from originally. Heck, some of the vloggers on Youtube don’t speak good Japanese after having been in Japan much longer. Do you want me hear mispronouncing English words :slight_smile: - even after living in an English-speaking country for almost two decade? And then you have American and British pronunciation. And then regional accents that are so thick that you can’t understand a word.

No, I agree with the others, it’s probably a regional thing - and I would always rather trust a native speaker than a foreigner.


(Here in Australia, people can be born here and still be asked where they come from originally, especially if they are of non-caucasian descent.)

Ah, I was once visited by a friend from Japan who (for reasons I never managed to work out) spoke English with a strong cockney accent. We popped into a Burger King while she was here, and the woman behind the counter spoke with a strong subcontinental accent. Neither could understand the other at all, so I had to stand there, translating from English to English…


On the other hand, I have far more difficulty believing that the native speaker is incorrect about this. They’ve been speaking Japanese their whole life.

This isn’t to say that a native speaker can’t be wrong ever, but I’ll definitely trust the native over a random Youtuber without good evidence to believe otherwise.

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