Wanikani in reverse

I am enjoying the mental challenge of learning kanji, and thanks to Wanikani I’m noticing real benefits in terms of my ability to communicate with Japanese speakers.
My wife, who is Japanese is also impressed with the software. She is learning English but using the usual grammar translation crap that bedevils Japanese schools. Is anyone aware of something similar to Wanikani, but which teaches English vocabulary in somewhat thematic ways, just as Wanikani does for kanji and vocabulary?

There is iKnow which also seems to have English vocabulary:

They are not very vocal about this but there is a small tryout feature available, so she can give it a test ride if she wants.

Another option would be Mosalingua - I used this for a very short period for studying French and thought it was quite neat. I think they even incorporate things like correction of pronunciation and the like (but maybe not for all languages?).

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I’d say Mosalingua or even Babbel.

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I tried Babbel as well for a bit (for Spanish this time around) but I found it incredibly slow-going :weary:
But yeah, good point, it exists and I’m sure there are people who like it.


Thanks for the suggestions Nicole and StarPT. The thing about Wanikani is the tight link between English and Japanese. Cultural points get explained. Not always satisfactorily but at least there’s an attempt. What I’m looking for (read: my wife needs - sorry for the paternalistic overtones) is software with a tight link between Japanese and English. Just those two languages and cultures.

Maybe it doesn’t exist yet and we’re waiting for Kyouichi’s doppelgänger to develop it.

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Like that I guess you wont find for now, in my personal experience is rather hard to find “the good stuff” in other languages rather than English, that’s the reason why I’m learning Japanese through English and not through Portuguese which is my native language. Anyhow, good learnings for both you and your wife! Hope you all can accomplish your objectives! :smiley:

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