Wanikani Helper (chrome extension)

maneKozaru said...
paperbagchild said... sorry, dumb question, how do you change the settings of the extension (i.e. to turn on/off the different features)?
 The easiest way is to right click the toolbar button. You can also open tools > extensions and find the options link for any extension. 
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Aikibujin said... Any plans for a firefox version?
 I did a bit more research with the firefox SDK, and I have to say, it is in a sad state! I remembered why I gave up on it last time. Developing a chrome extension is as simple as putting together some js, css, and html. Firefox requires python, a special command to "compile" your extension every time you want to try it in the browser, and I wasn't even able to get it working on windows. Searching for the errors I got turned up no results, so I can see why there haven't been any wanikani extensions in the firefox store. I would like to develop one for firefox, but I'm not technically up to the task! I'm sorry.
 I didn't even know there was a firefox store. All the WK scripts I use are through Greasemonkey.

In any case, no worries, I have individual scripts for most of the features.

Thanks anyway. ^_^

Bug report: the backspace key press event is “swallowed” when editing user mnemonic. I entered an incorrect answer, decided to add my own mnemonic, made a typo when entering. Backspace didn’t delete text in the input, pressing the key just kept rolling back the answer.

Thanks.  Never used that function. Didn’t even know it existed! I’ll get on it once i have some reviews available.

This is brilliant and it looks really nice in the options etc.  Thanks!

I am getting an incorrect reading for my lesson count.  It says I have 74 when I really have 64.  I just completed 10 lessons, so I thought perhaps it had not refreshed yet, but after refreshing multiple times it is still giving me an incorrect reading.

The reordering in lessons just appends kanji/radicals/vocab to the beginning of the queue instead of replacing the first few items.  For example, if I have my lesson batch size set to 7 and I have 3 new kanji and reorder my lessons I now have 10 lessons instead of 7.

I like the interface and the ability to control my lessons/reviews, but it’s quite buggy.

Good call on the lesson batch size. I never used anything but 10. Batch sizes should work with version 0.10.

As for the data refreshing, I wish I could give you a better answer, but it depends entirely on the wanikani servers. 

If you find anything else let me know.

Updated to version .10. Noticed that the app name changed to Wanikani Augmenter and that it is completely broken :frowning: I cannot get to the apps options. In the menu the options menu item is grayed out.

Well that’s not any good. Are there any errors showing on the extensions page?

maneKozaru said... Well that's not any good. Are there any errors showing on the extensions page?
 No error messages. Seems to be working; just no way to modify the options.

Oh, sorry. The options are in the popup now. Click the button in the toolbar, then click the gear in the upper right. It should be there. Figured it was easier than opening a separate page. But just so you know, all the options haven’t been implemented yet.

maneKozaru said... Oh, sorry. The options are in the popup now. Click the button in the toolbar, then click the gear in the upper right. It should be there. Figured it was easier than opening a separate page. But just so you know, all the options haven't been implemented yet.
 Ok, found it. BTW, new features are sharp, keep it up!

I don’t know if this is a WaniKani bug or a WaniKani Helper/Augmenter bug, but I had this happen while I was doing some reviews yesterday. As you can see in the screenshot, it’s expecting Japanese input for a radical name, but the radical names are always in English. The correct answer was “Doll”, but it wouldn’t let me type it in, as it was constantly converting to hiragana. I just had to get the answer wrong and then undo it.

I also have a couple of feature requests, if it’s possible to implement them:

  1. I’d like vocabulary words in lessons to be sorted such that I get the simplest (fewest characters) ones first. I’ve already run into a problem where I’m being taught words which use the 口 (mouth) kanji, before I’ve learnt the 口 (mouth) vocabulary word. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but WaniKani tells me to remember the reading by what I learnt with the 口 word, but I didn’t learn the 口 word yet! So, I had no idea what the mnemonic was and got it wrong several times. This sort of problem could be avoided entirely if I’m taught the 口 word first.
  2. If possible, I’d like to take it a step further and pick the specific lessons that I want to do. I’m working through TextFugu alongside WaniKani, and it would be very helpful to me to be able to learn the radicals, kanji, and vocabulary words on WaniKani that TextFugu is expecting me to learn, rather than just crossing my fingers and hoping they come up in the random selection.
Could either of these be done at all?

Thanks for letting me know about the radical issue. That is being pushed to google now.

That’s an interesting idea about the lessons. I could reorder it by “word” length, but I’ll have to do some experimenting with that. It might be interesting to allow you to choose your next lessons from a list perhaps. That might slow things down a bit though. I have been neglecting my studies  and have about 1000 reviews, and more lessons coming soon. It might be too intensive for any large number of lessons.

Excellent ideas though. I hadn’t considered anything similar, so I have to temper any excitement and simply say “maybe.”

Thanks. :slight_smile:

By it slowing things down, do you mean generating a list of thousands of items to display on the page? Rather than picking from a menu, what about just letting the user manually enter the lessons that they want to do? They could do this by just typing them into a box, with each item separated with commas or something — they’d only need to enter 3-10 items depending on the lesson batch size. Then you’d just need to search for those entered items in the lesson queue, and bring them to the front.

It definitely wouldn’t be quite as user-friendly as a menu, but the user could just copy and paste the radicals/kanji/vocabulary from the WaniKani pages that list all of them. Or, maybe you could do it both ways, depending on how many items are in the lesson queue. If you have say, just 10-20 items in the lesson queue, then it’d show a menu. If you have a ridiculous number of items in the lesson queue, then it could switch to manual input for better performance.

Just an idea, but if the feature could be implemented in any way at all, I’d find it really helpful.

Rich said…

  1. If possible, I’d like to take it a step further and pick the specific lessons that I want to do

+ 1
This would be incredibly helpful. When I’m a bit tired my brain refuses to take in words with unknown readings (retention rate zero), but there are usually lots of low-hanging fruit (compounds of Kanji readings I know really, really well; stuff I know from elsewhere) in the lessons that I would like to get over to my review queue. My workaround is to have my lesson batch size set to 3 and hit reload any time I get something I don’t want to study (using Rikaikun to preview the meaning), but that’s time-consuming. 

I just ran into the radical issue kind of in reverse now. The 又 radical came up in a review. The correct answer is “Stool”. Now, it was letting me type in English, but any English answer whatsoever that I tried submitting just resulted in the box shaking left and right. I had to actually switch to hiragana input with my IME and type in a hiragana character for it to mark it as wrong and let me move on.

That is probably because the “lang” tag wasn’t taken off the input field. That shouldn’t be happening. Can you check the extensions page and make sure you are on version 0.12 for me? That is the latest and the tag should be getting taken off with that one.

Yep, I definitely have version 0.12. I forced an update after I read your post from earlier saying it was updated. I actually opened up the page inspector when I ran into that problem earlier, and I think it didn’t have any “lang” attribute, although I don’t remember for sure.

Edit: I just ran into it again with exactly the same radical. There’s no “lang” attribute:

<input autocapitalize=“off” autocomplete=“off” autocorrect=“off” id=“user-response” name=“user-response” placeholder=“Your Response” type=“text”>

I’m getting some errors in the console too, if it’s relevant at all:

Alright, I see where it went wrong. I was thinking the radical were supposed to be reading (I have no idea why I thought that), but they should have been meaning questions. The 0.13 should be the end of this bug, but of course, if you see it again, let me know. It’s being pushed to google now.

The errors you saw in the console weren’t related to this, but rather an annoyance from a different situation. The new design is going to fix that.

And I’ve made some progress with allowing a list of priority words. I’ll have to get it into everyone’s hands to see if it actually works well enough, but with my limited experiments, it seems to be doing what you want it to do.