Wanikani for slow people

Is there no way the SRS can allow for people who want to go slower? I know the workarounds now, just thought I’d ask. I had to reset to zero in the summer because the whole thing got on top of me.

You can control the speed by restricting how many lessons you take, but I recommend always doing all of your reviews asap.

I’ve varied my speed several times, depending on what else is going on in my life, but have never used vacation mode. Right now, with some holiday travel coming up, I’m only taking 5 new lessons (one set) a day. My daily reviews are around 90-100 a day, and falling. If you adjust the number of lessons you do, it takes a few days for your workload to respond, because essentially you are loading fewer items into the review queues.

Here are a few of the approaches I’ve tried:

  • Five new lessons a day (current speed)
  • Ten new lessons a day
  • Ten new lessons a day, but only five if kanji lessons (pink) are involved
  • No new lessons (!!)
  • Ten new lessons a day, but none on weekends
  • Etc.

I don’t mean to tell you “don’t go slow” because I hate when people tell you not to do what you intended to instead of actually answering the question BUT the point of SRS is to do reviews on time and going slower will only impair you in your learning curve.
What you can do, however, as @pgoonghang suggested, is controling the amount of lessons you take each week/month but I wouldn’t recommend anything else.

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You can use the script : anti burn out "

It slows you down a bit and let you learn at your own pace

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I also reset my progress a few months ago because my reviews got to like 750 and I just couldn’t catch up. After resetting, I’ve found that limiting my lessons as others have mentioned has helped tremendously. I keep a closer eye on my apprentice items and keep them below 100 and that has worked for me the second time through.

I use the WaniKani Ultimate Timeline to give me an idea of what I have coming up review-wise, and base my new lessons around that as well, like, when I have 24 hours between <10 item reviews, something like that.

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Thanks for the tips. The script looks interesting but I think I’m going even slower, as I have been keeping my Apprentice level down to about 40 and reviews usually less than 50 per day. Basically I ration my lessons. I’m not in any hurry. This time round I’m keeping pace in Kaniwani, which helps, and also using Renshuu for Genki vocab and Bunpro for grammar. I only do new stuff when I’ve done reviews for all of those. I make less mistakes by going slow so of course that means less reviews too. I do use Ultimate Timeline to see what’s coming up.

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