WaniKani for iOS

an enhanced WaniKani mobile experience

Introducing an unofficial WaniKani app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, running iOS 7.1 or later.

highlight features

  • Option to receive Push Notifications when reviews become available
  • See when you have reviews and lessons, and what's coming up next
  • An enhanced Reviews experience for mobile
  • Useful data including: completion date estimates, level progress graph, and more
  • Lightning mode for faster reviewing

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This looks pretty good… 

Now, only if it was also for Android… :( 

How is the keyboard UI? Does the kana get changed itself?

Awesome!  I beta tested a friend’s app using TestFlight–pinging you now!

@tyson, I feel you. I did this project as native iOS since I needed to brush up my skills for some other work anyway. Conceivably though, it could be rewritten for Android down the line since it’s not terribly complex. Even better if someone else made an Android app! I’d be happy to collaborate on the server side to handle push notifications in that event.

The reviews have to be done through a web view, so everything works like you’d expect on the desktop. The difference is I’ve done things like removed the unnecessary Next/Previous keyboard button row to make more space, and added a little extra JavaScript that automatically focuses the keyboard on the next text box, and keeps the page scrolled at the optimal position so you can see everything.

@zach, Thanks! I sent you an invite.

Wow awesome! I’ve been wondering when an iOS app would happen. This is great news! 

That looks cool!

I’ll be sure to try it when it gets released :slight_smile:

Definitely getting this.

Hey! Sent you an email! iPhone 4S and iPad 3 if you want to expand that way. Both on 6.1.3! This should be awesome, I am sick of the constant tap to focus the text box. Good work :slight_smile:

Wow! Thanks for doing this. Hope it gets approved and we get to use it

A quick heads up to testers - I’ve switched push notifications over to production mode, which means you’ll now be able to receive them :slight_smile: However, you’ll need to re-register your device with the server before they can be sent to you. To do so, relaunch the app by closing it completely (double tap the home button, press and hold the icon, click the red -), and then reopen it.

I had sent you an email about testing this - don’t know if you have received it or not.
Regardless, I am looking forward to this!

It usually takes 1-1.5 weeks to get an app approved. I speak from experience. https://itunes.apple.com/app/id604700990

Sorry phaser I had missed your email! Thanks for letting me know.

@kkamil Indeed, that’s why I mentioned it’ll be available next week :wink: I actually submitted the initial version the same day I posted this thread, so technically the beta is on a newer build than the release channel.

Can’t wait to try this when released!

kiko, I’ll send you an email if you still want some more testers.

Nice! I’m so happy this is being made. How much are you going to charge for it? Or is it free? By donation?

You have answered my prayer.  Due to the immense time I spend at college I tent to get behind, like 400+ reviews, on wanikani.  Now I can review waiting for my professors  thanks a million.  Just let us know when it’s available for download.

Glad to hear you guys are looking forward to it! Fingers crossed it’ll be available by the end of this week.

bquaal said…Nice! I’m so happy this is being made. How much are you going to charge for it? Or is it free? By donation?
Oh sorry I forgot to specify this, but it’ll be a free download. I’ve updated the OP with an FAQ now ^^

Can’t wait 'til it’s live! :slight_smile:
I have an idea idk how hard it would be to implement in a future version, but it would be cool if there was an option in the app to automatically use the 日本語かな keyboard when it asks for readings. It’s easier to use, since it takes only one touch (and slide) to enter one kana character, as opposed to 2 or 3 touches for romaji input. Not only would typo’s happen less often (like forgetting to double ‘n’), but it would also further koichi’s goal of avoiding romaji altogether.

Hmm for some reason it’s displaying double the number of lessons on the app (as opposed to on a browser with the real numbers script)