Wanikani explanation in Japanese?

I’ve been working with an online tutor for a while (which is great, I highly recommend it!) and she has been very impressed with how much kanji I know thanks to wanikani. Especially because she is now back to teaching people in person, and is seeing how some of her students struggle with kanji, she keeps asking me about wanikani, but my Japanese isn’t good enough to feel like I can do justice to it. I was wondering if there is a page somewhere that explains how wanikani works in japanese?



Found this as well.


That’s great! We are actually working on a page to introduce our products, written in Japanese, for Japanese educators. I think we’ll be able to publish it in two weeks ~ a month or so. I’ll remember to post a link here when we publish it!


Hey @weaverZ , sorry for the looooong wait, but we finally published a WaniKani introduction page for Japanese educators that is written in Japanese!

I also posted about it here:
🇯🇵 WaniKani introduction for Japanese educators (in 日本語)