WaniKani Data Broken?

WaniKani Data seems to have stopped working for me.  Is anyone else noticing this?

Seems to be working for me. My personal script calls the following and they all worked:

function Get-WKData($api_key) {
  Invoke-WebRequest “http://www.wanikani.com/api/user/$api_key/radicals
  Invoke-WebRequest “http://www.wanikani.com/api/user/$api_key/kanji
  Invoke-WebRequest “http://www.wanikani.com/api/user/$api_key/vocabulary

Or do you mean https://www.idigtech.com/wanikani/#profile ? But that works, too! (Checked your api key?) Some other specific script or app?

Perhaps you could give us even less details next time? I love guessing…! Perhaps something like “Wanikani WTF?!?”