Wanikani Dark Azure 2 Theme

Level indicator
[Userscript] Dashboard Level

Level duration is not centered
[Userscript] Level Duration 2.0

Not sure about the vocabulary button

[Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline



Ok the menu bar has been fixed and I changed the color scheme of the time line.


(p≧w≦q) looks good, thank you.

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Thank you! Looks a bit easier on the eyes now. I appreciate you working with people and their suggestions so quickly :slight_smile: It is very nice. A custom theme sounds really cool. Maybe I’ll take you up on that offer as the theme works out all the kinks :wink: I’ll be supporting you! Ganbatte

I agree I am now reviewing and several times I have already gotten things wrong because I was so used to a muscle memory, so some distinction would be good.

In fact, I do! (above is a post withdrawn by me, it was just because I didn’t know how to multi reply)


I tried to change it yesterday, but I could,t figure it out. I ll try again today.


Thanks for your hard work, so quick and things are looking good.

This looks great now!

Could you change the reviews timeline font to something not black please? (6pm, 12pm…)

I noticed there’s even less of a difference in reviews compared to lessons between meaning and reading (both look black).

Also I use a pitch accent script and the ‘pitch pattern’ title looks fuzzy, not sure if it’s something you can do about. [Userscript] WaniKani Pitch Info


I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:


I hope you can figure it out! *cheer *


Thank you so much for making this. I’ve used the similar theme for WK (can’t remember what it’s called) but ever since the site update it’s been broken and I’ve had to toggle it on and off regularly so I can make use of the new review forecast. This is super handy and fixes that while being extremely pleasant on the eye. Thank you so so much :smiley: :smiley: :D.


What if the long box around the “meaning” and “reading” was a different color. I think that’s how I knew what it was asking without even reading the word. Meaning was white, reading was black (inverted colors). I’m just wondering an acceptable color, or maybe change just the colors of reading vs meaning?

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Hey everyone I Looked at all your suggestions and tried my best to make them happen. the only thing I think I couldn’t do was change the color of the text above the review time line.

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actually I think I can make the box different. what colours would you like? it may not fit the theme well tho. but I can change it personally for you and you can just copy and paste the script?

Update I added some accent lines, changed colors and changed transparencies and added shadows etc…


Thanks for changing it! Don’t know if I’ll get used to the subtle difference between meaning/reading but what breeze dark does for example is allow users to set their own colour preferences. Might be a lot of work though?

Breeze dark somehow managed to change the text. No idea how though.

Also, c:

The Reading box is fine as is, but for the Meaning section could you use #ACB2B5 ? It is a light gray. Feel free to change the greyness if you think it needs tweaking. I think the reason why my muscle memory is off is because the box for meaning is typically white, but both are black. And in addition to the color, could you add that slight gradient/shine that you have in the reading box.

To clarify, by box I am referring to these long rectangular sections:

So for the meaning section just see what it looks like when it changes to that grey color I selected above?

And add the slight shine that the Reading box seems to have already:

If you click on the meaning pic I sent, you’ll notice that color is flat compared to the reading one. idk what the official term for that is.

Let me know how it goes! Thanks for working w me :slight_smile:

EDIT: While doing lessons, this grey color of the quiz button could also work for the color of the meaning box:
Gray example

Made more changes to review page added colors and other stuff

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just figured it out :slight_smile:

That’s the menu from the stylus menu. you can install this theme with stylus too and change the colors as well.

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Hellyeah! That looks awesome!

I did install it with stylus but I don’t see a little cog next to it?

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Ahh my bad. I didn’t realise that. I’m not sure how to add that :confused: I’m not a coder or anything I’m basicaly just editing the theme through trial and error… hence why the script is soo messy… but it works.
if you can find out how to get that gear to apear for this theme too let me know please.

Thank you

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lol ok, thanks for trying c:

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