WaniKani "Context" section: at what point were you able to understand it?

I would normally look up Patterns of Use, in phrases and context anyway; before more recently, Patterns of Use and Common Word Combinations were added.

Context sentences have been existing for a while, much longer.

However, it is also true that, without some grammar and vocabularies, Patterns of Use might not be readable after all. Context Sentences may also include even more vocabularies, including those that are usually written with Kanji, but feigned easiness with Kana form.

My thought? Do read Patterns of Use / Common Word Combinations, but don’t take too much attention to context sentences, if you are somewhat a beginner. I see that Word Use’s may just be memorized, while of course, they can still be improved a lot.

Anime context sentences might be a better source of sentences, if it is to your liking; but it isn’t necessarily easier to really parse than WaniKani context sentences. (The truth is, Anime’s are easier; as WaniKani’s inappropriately use less Kanji.)

[Userscript]: Hide Context Sentence Translation somehow works including on Patterns of Use, and on Anime context sentences too.