WaniKani Content Update: July 4, 2019

And @irrelephant - are you guys looking at the main wkstats.com (which is API v1), or the new wkstats.com/v2/ which is API v2. The API v2 one pulls from the site a lot better and more often - the other one was manually updated (last time a long time ago) by our fantastic @rfindley. I bet the new one reflects the changes.
Although, v2 is under development still, and if I recall, does not yet employ the full functionality of the original.
When I look, it only says 259 N1 kanji are missing. https://www.wkstats.com/v2/charts/jlpt


For the kanji 噂 I really don’t think the radical horn is correct. It should be radical eight or fin. The shape is totally different.

Plus the mnemonic would make more sense too. You drink alcohol 8 times and start talking nonsense by making rumors.


This kanji in particular is one who has a slightly different shape in writing when compared to the font WaniKani uses. Take a look at

There are a few other characters where this happens, like 噌, it’s just something you need to get used to, but I agree the mnemonic isn’t helping if you can’t see the radical in its place. Maybe you can incorporate the weird horns into your mnemonic?


Ha! dodged those…

So, have been away for few months.
When did the design change?


Like a month ago? Something like that

Here’s the discussion thread, if you’re curious


I just got worried for a sec. Checking my dashboard I noticed 13 kanji in apprentice 4, even though I have only 6 left on my current level. Wondering whether I had 7 very sneaky kanji leeches, I checked wkstats. Turns out they were all the 7 new kanji added in the update! Phew!


Just in case it happens to be of any interest to anyone, here are some of the kanji I’ve seen a lot that (I think)aren’t on wanikani: 頷, 覗, 慌, 挨, 拶, 揃, 噛, 頬, 頬, 喧, 嘩, 曖, 蘇, 璧, 辿, 溜, 撫, 蹴, 馴, 肢, 裾, 凄, 賑, 叶, 杖, 眩, 睨, 堵, 掴, 獅, 痺, 惚

If nothing else, it’ll be interesting for me to see how well the kanji I feel like I see often end up matching up with the kanji that end up getting added


thanks for the response. once or twice a month sound like a pretty good pace to me. I think I’ll try it out and see how that goes for me. hopefully the slower pace would save me some time and help my accuracy in the long run

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Still really need an option to clear the big pink message on the homescreen after I’ve already seen it. Don’t need to see it 10 times a day for 2 weeks.


Hello! What’ll happen if I’m already beyond these levels? :frowning:

The items just appear in your queue. They should be there now. Depending on your current lesson settings, they’ll either be right at the front or shuffled in with other stuff.


I’m gonna check your comment in a few weeks when the 3rd update is live and see how many kanji match up, i bet there’ll be a couple :face_with_monocle:

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Great additions! :star_struck:

Did not know that. Thanks!

噂 is one of 168 kanji whose recommended shape was changed by JIS X 0213:2004.
This has nothing to do with printed vs written style.
Fonts of any style, which conform to JIS X 0213:2004, display this kanji using ‘fins’ instead of ‘horn’.

Here’s an example using different fonts I have installed (left-to-right: gothic, mincho, two textbook fonts and written style square and semi-cursive typefaces. Top row: fonts conforming to the new JIS, bottom row: fonts using the old JIS):

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So it’s an encoding issue. On PC I see the fins version, and on mobile I usually see the horns version. But when looking up stroke order, the horns version always comes up, so I’m sure there’s a written vs digital thing going on with that too… :thinking:

This is just because many sites which display stroke order are not updated to the new JIS for whatever reasons (probably they have not been updated in ages at all). But some are, e.g. Jisho. Current versions of Kanji Stroke Order font also use the fins shape:


:open_mouth: I should use jisho more often…


These are so great!!

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