WaniKani Content Overhaul

I really want to relearn these radicals but somehow I dont want 40 new lessons filling up my apprentice que at the same time :thinking:


Since this is one of the new radicals I think I need it either way O_o
But being new I can’t find it in the tool either, so not sure how to learn it :wink:

Oh, I see…

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Interesting that wolverine and death star are still there, while other pop culture references had to go. I’d argue Sauron is probably more well known than either of those. :thinking:


Sauron is gone? :scream:


Wolverine is an actual animal, it can stay =P
And no, of those three I’d say they are known in this order:
Death Star


WHERE?! :scream:

I’m only seeing the “Tools” page where I can add the new radicals :thinking: Or are you saying that I can’t add the new vocab because I won’t change to the new radicals?

But I burned my last radical last nightのに 493101850393051138%20-%20Copy



Well, yeah, but the radical is still about the character, to quote Wanikani’s radical page:

You know Wolverine from the X-Men? He has three claws that come out of his hand whenever he needs to fight, not at all unlike the radical you see here.

And I really think Sauron would be the most well-known character, at least internationally. People like my parents who don’t know much modern pop culture know who Sauron is, but have no idea about wolverine or death stars.


But half the time in mnemonics where it was used it was the animal though :wink:

Death Star is a spaceship from Star Wars.
Sauron is a person? From a book maybe? I have no idea.


I mean it’s only the book that defined the entire modern fantasy genre… :stuck_out_tongue:


Woah, I’d actually totally forgotten it ever had anything to do with the character. I definitely just thought it was ‘a’ wolverine.


Twilight?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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What kind of godless land doesn’t have tater tots?

Anyway, jokes aside I haven’t looked at every new radical change yet but the ones I did see look good. I’m glad radicals like ribs and nailbat got changed to knife and fingers which are much closer to their semantic meaning when they’re used as semantic components. For those that don’t know, what they used to call “ribs” is just a squished variation of 刀 and the old “nailbat” was a variation of 手, so they often give a clue to the kanji meaning when used semantically. A knife is a little sword and fingers are smaller parts of whole hand, so I think it’s a really clever solution to giving them distinct words but keeping the imagery associated similar.

Also, as someone who’s already unlocked everything I’m glad I can just choose not to relearn any of these so I’m not annoyed by radicals in my review queue again. Great job to everyone involved! It seems like a really smooth transition.


I agree the impact of the book is HUGE! Immensely so, but the other two are still better known even by those who aren’t in to Fantasy/Sci-fi


I think I’ll stay in vacation mode for a few more days while you guys work out the kinks. :wink:


I’m the other way around, I always imagined the Character :thinking:

Also I’m slightly confused, I’m relearning these radicals, but doesnt that mean I will have to reimagine all the kanji I’ve learned aswell? Or do I keep the old kanji the way it was and just use the new radicals for the new kanji hmm


Come on!!

The kanji of finger comes up in the review and I enter ゆび and it’s says: nope! The other reading!

What other reading??


Oh man, there’s “spirit” and “soul”? Please bring back the pelican :sob: or make it a necromancer?

I have to say, the way the tool works is really cool. Telling you how many kanji will be affected is very neat.


New radicals and vocab are being assigned as I type this (it has to go through every user, so it takes some time). And no, this shouldn’t affect your level up. If you had all of the radicals at guru already, the kanji were unlocked and they’ll stay that way.