WaniKani Content Overhaul

That’s probably the problem, then. We can’t support apps we don’t make. If this happens on the site/browser though please email in! :confused:

Yup. :ok_hand:


if you choose to relearn radicals it puts them back into your Lessons and they go back in the SRS to the very beginning (Apprentice 1). Your WaniKani level won’t be affected. If you don’t want to worry about doing reviews for the radicals again, you can always take a look at the item pages for the ones the tool recommends and just read through them, without "relearn"ing anything. Whatever works best for you.

So I can re-learn radicals with new mnemonics, which is nice. But what about the kanji, that were originally taught as kun-yomi readings?

During my last review, the kanji 物 and 持 came up. もの for 物 as well as も for 持 wouldn’t be accepted, because they aren’t on-yomi. But I didn’t learn those readings in the lesson before.

Is there a way to re-learn kanji with changed reading or do I have to look up every single kanji?


I… I added the new/changed radicals before doing my evening reviews… This evening’s review would have unlocked the second half of the kanji for this level… Instead 7 of my radicals went back to Apprentice 1… I just added 4 days to my level up time… And made sure I couldn’t start tackling the second half of the kanji…

This would be great. Had a couple of reviews for kanji with changed readings just now too.

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We change mnemonics and explanations for kanji every day. The kanji that don’t provide old mnemonic views would have been changed regardless of this update and don’t require the old radicals to understand. We are attempting to add the ability to see old mnemonics when the radical composition changed, but general mnemonic maintenance isn’t being supported with this tool.

It would be super convenient to be able to display the new mnemonics as the primary display, but easily show the old one without having to go to settings. For those times when you get a kanji wrong and are reading a mnemonic you’ve never seen, and would like to double check the old one.


Agreed. I want the new as default, but able to peak back at the old if I get confused.


Not that one individual disproves anything, but I spent a bunch of years in California, and “yurt” is the only English word I’ve seen on this site that I didn’t know (and didn’t even know it was a word)


We don’t have a way to “relearn” the kanji in the same way as the radicals. The idea was that the majority of people would have learned both the on’yomi and the kun’yomi on the same level, so the switch would be as simple as realizing we’re asking for the other reading now. It sounds like a couple people are in a weird hour/day gap where this isn’t the case. I can see if I can generate a list of all of the kanji that ask for the on’yomi reading instead of the kun’yomi now.


I had to look up finger, as when people mentioned it I couldn’t think of what the on reading is O_o
But looking at it I saw the vocab it is used in and can now associate it with that, but it is hard wired to the reading it was learned as when I get asked on the kanji itself :wink:

A list would be great! I can then go through and try make a mental note and re-associate them with vocabs I know =)
And I do prefer that we learn mostly on now! =D

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The setting exists as a compromise for people who don’t want to switch at all to the new names. If you’d like to glance at the old mnemonics every once in a while, the option is there still, it just takes an extra click or two.

Thanks that would be great!

Now in the beginner faze it would be very confusing to go in without it at all O_o
Whenever I get something wrong in reviews I need to look at the old to see what is going on, but I want to learn the new ones as fast as possible. I need it as a cruch only, but I need it available (not by leaving my review, go to setting, put it on and then find the item again… that simply doesn’t work…)

I think having it clickable, but not automatically the default, could be a great option, and seems several of us are vocal about it already, so maybe consider it at least?

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Yes I would second this.


But it seems odd to discourage people from using the new mnemonics at all by making it harder to check the old ones when needed. That “extra click or two” is the difference between clicking an “old mnemonic” tab during reviews and opening a new tab, going to settings, changing your setting, going to the kanji page, reading the old mnemonic, going back to settings, changing the setting back.


If you do a bulk reset on the new radicals and do the lessons, how long until they register as being unburned?

I just did around 20, and only 3 are showing up in future reviews.

The hope is that people don’t use the old mnemonics at all, and switch entirely to the new system. That was our thought process creating this setting.

BY update I mean I didn’t click the relearn button on this page.

I’m confused as I’m getting new radical lessons.
I thought I Would only be getting new lessons if I clicked relearn?

For instances When I learnt this kanji 拡 I learnt it with the radicals ム, 广 and mullet. but now I’m being asked to learn a new radical 広 for it.
Should’t it only appear in my lessons if I’m using the new mnemonics?

I feel like having some old radicals mixed in with new ones may cause confusion when trying to for example write the kanji from memory.

Maybe I’m wrong and knowing more then one set of radicals for one kanji would actually improve the ability to clearly memorise the kanji.

I guess I’m just worrying a lot as I have input over a thousand kanji in to Anki from wanikani along with nearly 1500 burned vocab along with there mnemonics. I feel like maybe there gonna have different stories and it’s gonna get messy and confusing.

also I’m not able to look up any of the old radicals in the search bar.

Is there a time limit to how long the old menmonics/radicals will be supported?


I went from 4 bars to like 30 and 24 lessons, even tho I didn’t choose to switch to the new Wanikani.

It kind of feels like I don’t have much of a choice of switching over to the new radicals/mnemonics.

I have invested a lot of time into Wanikani as many others have, That’s why I am worrying about this quite a lot



Oh - I went to go look at the Tools from the menu and:

# We’re sorry, but something went wrong.
We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly.

It was working a little while ago.