WaniKani Content Overhaul Announcement

Some vocab is showing as being on two WK levels, I guess that could be where we learn an alternative reading with a different meaning?

Those are fine. Wanikani teaches some words as a noun and then as suru verbs. Think 勉強 (level 12) and 勉強する (level 14). That’s what Jisho means when they list a term in 2 different levels:


I’d assume that the one in the highest level is always the Suru verb form.





Until last January…

It’s sad to see @Kristen as @anon20839864 :frowning:

I totally didn’t reset to Level 1 last April.

But, the new mnemonics are definitely useful and worth the overhaul.

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Then, you hope you have an iOS device to run Tsurukame so that you can still use the old mnemonics… or you just perform 死亡

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