WaniKani Content Additions: Ongoing from April 29, 2021

@TofuguJenny the last few updates aren’t marked as published. :slight_smile:

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@plantron @gorbit99 and @Lahoje Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll look into them as part of this week’s updates, as usual.

@mweibel Well spotted, thank you! Fixed.


Lol, I was watching the movie 『用心棒』, then afterwards did some WK review. When it came time for the meaning, instead of “bodyguard”, I mistakenly answered “Yojimbo” and the item went back to apprentice. Serves me right for worshipping Kurosawa hahah


Was literally thinking about this word last night, hoping WK would add it because it’s super common :nerd_face:


@TofuguJenny BTW do tell if this isn’t the right place to mention stuff I find, I just took this place and ran with it as my de facto typo reporting post. :joy:


@Mods 株式会社’s context sentence has Tofugu in romaji


Thanks @TofuguJenny.

Can you also change the example sentence for 進撃?

I’m hooked on Attack on Titan.

The vocab accepts “advance, charge” as answer but not “attack”. Either add the meaning “attack” to 進撃, or change the example sentence to reflect the meaning “advance, charge”.


Probably the latter. The title translation “Attack on Titan” is completely not in line with the Japanese title. I think it’s good to disambiguate “advance” from “attack”, since the latter would be 攻撃. :slight_smile:

A reasonable context sentence could mention the 進撃 of 武士 and 士 at the battle of 川中島, for instance.


This week’s vocabulary additions have been published:

  • Level 7: 内ポケット (うちぽけっと) - inside pocket
  • Level 29: 乗車券 (じょうしゃけん) - ticket
  • Level 30: 我が〜 (わが) - our
  • Level 35: 鑑みる (かんがみる) - to be in light of something
  • Level 38: 由緒 (ゆいしょ) - lineage
  • Level 47: 彫る (ほる) - to carve something

And this one’s been moved:

  • Level 32: 傷める (いためる) - moving up to level 36 to allow 痛める to become established first.

I don’t mind having them here, but there’s a chance I’ll miss one. :sweat_smile: The absolute best way is to collect up a few and email them to hello@wanikani.com. Another option is to post them on the most recent content update thread. Those are shorter so I’m less likely to miss something. :slight_smile:


Where are you seeing this? Jenny updated it to katakana already the other week, I believe.


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Funky, I saw it in my reviews as part of the display content sentence script. I usually clear the cache daily on this computer, but I did forget to the other day :thinking:

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Hi @TofuguJenny , the vocab 殿堂 accepts “palace” as meaning, but the example sentence is:

Who would you say are the players that should be inducted into the hall of fame?

Please add “hall of fame” as accepted meaning or change the sentence to reflect the meaning of “palace”.


Vocab 顧みる accepts “to look back on, to reflect on” as meaning but the example sentence is:

Honey, can’t you concern yourself with your own child a little more?

Can you add “to concern oneself about something/someone” as accepted meaning. Alternatively, can you change the example sentence to reflect the meaning of “to look back on, to reflect on”?


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