WaniKani Content Additions: Ongoing from April 29, 2021

Thank you kind sir

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I’m probably not going to read a 144 post thread. Unless you can point me to part of it relevant to the comment about cock only meaning rooster in that original post.

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Oh :sweat_smile: I thought you meant their attitude towards JLPT. No I don’t think that’s in there.

I think it is.

Because queen’s is basically queen is?

So it’s “this slipped out of the queen is mouth” instead of queens.

Maybe I’m wrong too!

Good spot though.

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I don’t think so though?

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Sorry Jenny but you’re not allowed to hide anything until all of us hit level 60 :relieved:!


They’re already hiding the entrance to Durtle heaven so I think a review items isn’t that big of a difference


Oh ok :smiley:

I usually write it as Lewis’ actually like in that link you sent :rofl:.

This is why I failed English.

Maybe I should stop learning Japanese and learn English grammar properly ahaha.


Something that could be useful is to add a link between the transitive/intransitive pairs to show how they are related.

Also, there are several rules of thumb I’ve learned to help me differentiate them. Like mentioned by the other user, ある ending verbs always correlate with intransitive verbs and す ending verbs always correlate to transitive verbs. There are a few other rules as well, but these are the more hard rules I find to work for a majority of verb pairs I run into.

A trick I was taught was ある is to exist, so it’s just a state of being and not moving. Your not acting on it. So it is intransitive. す is related to する which means to do something or act on it. So it’s transitive because you act on it.

So maybe this kind of mnemonic would be useful as a hint to add to help differentiate the two. I tend to find most of the mnemonics that talk about the transitivity and intransitivity of the verbs in WK to unfortunately be forgetful.


While it is the possessive, you didn’t consider that it could have been “has”!


Maybe you are a collective of multiple Lewis?


Wouldn’t that be Lewises’

That’s still a possessive though.

You might be right about it being Lewises though, but it looked sketchy to my eye.



It looks sketch, but it seems to be right.


Par for the course with the English language.


I mean if you sounds it out, you would say “It’s the Lewises’ Car” as “its the lewisisis car”.
Which at least sounds right.

This all seems quite good to me. I’m happy to see the continued dedication to improvement. This is a wonderful product, and I’m continually impressed. Much respect.


Oh, I was just pointing out that it was missing ‘the’ before queen. “slipped out of the queen’s mouth.” :princess:t2:


Guess my brain just filled that in automatically because I didn’t even notice haha.

I just had that realisation myself when I didn’t have the full 10 items waiting in my 4-hours-later slot!

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