WaniKani Content Additions: Ongoing from April 29, 2021

Guess my brain just filled that in automatically because I didn’t even notice haha.

I just had that realisation myself when I didn’t have the full 10 items waiting in my 4-hours-later slot!

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Wait what now?

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Unfortunately, I think @TofuguJenny mentioned that they weren’t able to make content changes for individual users.

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For 力いっぱい, even though “As Hard As One Can” is one of the listed alternate accepted meanings, the review result always says “Your answer was a little off…”. The answer is still treated as correct though, so maybe I’m just nitpicking. The other two meanings (“Full Power”, “With All One’s Strength”) work just fine.

I’d argue as well that the number of users that find an extra six lessons an inconvenience is probably less than 0.1% of all users, so it’s very reasonable for them not to allow any kind of out opting.

The same thing happens if they reorder items and move an item down from a level above you to a level below you and I’ve not seen anyone complain in that instance.


Okay. Take a step back. I think the pandemic and all this self-isolation is really getting to folks. Everyone seems to be so incredibly hypersensitive and cancel culture is the direct result of that. Get mad, at anyone, at anything, at the first opportunity when normally you’d just ignore it. Anyone who posts a topic “Hump Day” should know that it’s really about keeping things light and fun. I said nothing that is not PG-13. Period. In fact, I’m seeing a post I made back in January re-posted on here. I had to actually leave the Bunpro site because so many haters were screaming that passing the JLPN1 is nearly impossible. They even trolled me on other social media sites. It was insane.

And here I am…with another 10 Levels of WaniKani under my belt, finished the first two units of Rosetta Stone, and ready for the JLPN3 at precisely the time I said I would. The amount of material covered in WaniKani for the JLPN1 drops off dramatically following Level 40, but I’ve prepared myself for this and I will stay the course, no thanks to any of you.


Sorry if I had any part in that. I didn’t mean to make you feel like you weren’t unwelcome.

Jeez really? That’s insane.

I am genuinely impressed. I know I wouldn’t have been able to achieve something like that.


You should go on a Skate Friday, maybe that will improve your mood

I really miss the weekly roller disco, thanks for rubbing it in! Granted, I’ve been missing it since my son was born, not since lock down.


Aye, I completely agree.

Plus, at least for me, the additions are all things I already know so I don’t even count them as extra items. I just skip the lessons and read them normally as the reviews come up.

The “unfortunately” part was for @skatefriday :wink:

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I see you deleted, but I think you’ll be glad to know that they’re actually working on this

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Hi All.
For the vocab 力いっぱい I always write as meaning “as hard as one can”, which is listed in the meanings, but it is always marked as “your answer was a bit off”. I also tried using capital letters (As Hard As One Can), but the output is the same.
Does anyone else have the same bug?

I remember someone mentioning that in this thread (but it got lost quickly in the rest of the discussion), so I don’t think it’s just you!

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Oooops, I must have missed that. Thanks!

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No problem. It was easily missed, so the extra highlighting (and independent replication of the problem) is good anyway!

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Where are the rest of my burninators who now have to find our notebooks…


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Thanks for pointing that out about 力いっぱい @iManiac and @RobertaB! I’m not sure why that’s happening. I thought perhaps I’d accidentally inputted a blank space at the end, or that for some reason we were prioritizing the allow list, which includes “as hard as you can” but it’s neither of those :thinking: I’ll investigate further! :female_detective:


Sorry I missed your comment last week @skatefriday, and really sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling. I’m sending you good vibes, and wanted to let you know that you’re not alone in finding the workload challenging at this stage of WaniKani.

As a couple of others have already pointed out, unfortunately it’s not possible to opt out of individual items, but I wanted to throw in that it is absolutely fine to do no lessons for a few weeks (or months) and simply concentrate on your reviews if you’re finding yourself overloaded. Please also feel free to email us (hello@wanikani.com) if you want to talk through your specific situation more!