Wanikani Community gone?

I’m team old set up too but at the very least maybe there could be a community link with the rest of the menu at the bottom of the page?

It’s part of broader changes we’ve made/plan on making to the dashboard, as well as general code maintenance.

That said, actively promoting the forum is something we definitely still want to do, so the team is exploring other ways we can do that. The feedback everyone has provided has been very helpful in that regard :slight_smile:


I definitely preferred it as it was. Like others above, checking the posts after my reviews has been part of my routine.


Thank you for making this change.

Oh! It is gone. I didn’t even notice the change today. I usually have a tab open to each, only occasionally do I scroll down so far to see what the hot topics are. (The in-website community section does - did - a better job of this than Discourse itself.)

Awwww… I miss it already! >.<

Also, this is a fair point, and way back before Discourse was the forum platform, it was true for me as well:

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@Mods This is weird, too. Sign Out is usually the very bottom of everything, pretty well the whole internet over. Wouldn’t the placement being between Profile and Settings make more sense?


Maybe a script could bring this back to us :pray: :innocent:


As for a design, perhaps between “Vocabulary” and “Help” might be nicer?

Top-right corner


I was just working on the exact same suggestion, @polv. @TofuguKyle

Perhaps both this location, and between Profile and Settings in the dropdown menu would be ideal.
Still though, I will miss the hot topics widget at the bottom. If it could return in some form or another, that would be great.


There was a script to remove it. Also to shuffle parts of the website around. It might’ve had “IGNORE” in the title? Or “focus”?

EDIT: @TaupinDuDesert I found it - Procrastination Annihilation - the script that removed the panel at the bottom, and more.

Just throwing another hat in the ring as someone who’s a little disappointed this is gone. It was nice to see what the current topics were between review sessions, without having to open everything up in a new window (unless I wanted to go join a conversation!)


Count me as one of the users who see no benefit and only downsides to this change. I would often end a review session by clicking on something of interest in the forum topics presented at the bottom of the main page. And it’s what largely started my engagement with the forums.

This is a mistake. Somewhat disappointing that Tofugu isn’t providing a rationale beyond “broader changes” and “code maintenance”.


Wouldn’t you usually have the update ready before removing something?


Same here. Really sad to see the community section go :frowning_face:

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I don’t have too strong of an opinion, but that’s a bit of a shame.

I enjoy the community-lead bookclubs and stuff being updated on the dash. As someone who has always recommended WaniKani to fellow Japanese language learners, it gives newcomers a vibe that the community is alive and worth checking out. I feel that the ease of access also allows users to populate such threads.

If it’s the matter of off-topic threads being bumped more frequently, why not highlight threads in specific, arbritrary subcategories?

Just my 2 cents, as someone who lurks the forums and has gotten people to join WK in the past.



To riff off of that idea, what if you limited the hot topics to only showing 2 from Campfire, 2 from Japanese (whatever, language, question, book club), and 1 from Wanikani? That could even be a default setting, and maybe you could let users customize it to the broad sections themselves. “I want to see 1 from API, 1 from WK, and 3 from Campfire!” someone could choose. Someone who is extra studious could say “I want all 5 from the Japanese section only!”. And another person could pick 3 from Japanese and 2 from WaniKani.

(Also, @Mods this is feeling more like this whole thread should move into or be copied into the Feedback category, in my opinion.)


I have to scroll down to even be able to see the community button. I didn’t even know that menu could scroll. I literally never would have found it if I hadn’t seen the comments here


Whoa! That’s true, being that not everybody’s displays are the same. Thanks for posting!


If you have the window shrunk in any way, you don’t even get a link to the community.

I assume there’s some back end stuff going on but I don’t like the decision to remove it. If there was just a link that said ‘community’, I’d have originally avoided it. However, showing the recently commented topics under the reviews is what brought me here. I saw one titled something to do with a grammar point I’d recently learned so clicked on it to see if I could get any more information about it.


You can actually find the link by unfolding the Account section, but this is clearly not very appealing :fearful: