WaniKani became unusable on IE 11 overnight


I just noticed that after September 22 WaniKani became unusable overnight. My daily driver is Windows Phone so I’m bound to use IE 11 (mobile). There already were some quirks here and there with IE 11, but generally it was pretty usable.
As of now, some of the new major issues include:

  1. Any wrong answer during reviews almost certainly leads to “arrow button” (that pulls the next item after answering) doing nothing (old item remains on the screen, even though “Item info” tab updates). It can only be fixed by reloading the page, and that’s a major pain.
  2. Lessons are bound to 5 items at a time. After trying to start the next 5 items, the dialog wouldn’t go out of the way, making any input impossible.
  3. 50% of the time the input in the lessons section is not automatically cleared when switching from hiragana to english input and vice versa. Sometimes green and red backgrounds when answering wrong or right do not appear at all.
  4. Any tap on empty space (not buttons or other clickable items) or any scroll that was registered as a tap + scroll at the dashboard page bring semi-transparent black panel over the entire page and scrolls it to the top. I assume that it has something to do with dialogs.

I know that supporting IE 11 can be a hassle (though, as a frontend developer, I usually struggle with Safari, but that’s another story…), but it just looks like complete support drop without ANY notification.

So, the main question is, can these issues be fixed?

There’s never been official IE11 support. Is IE11 really the only browser option you have available, have Microsoft not pushed an Edge equivalent to Windows Phone?

Edit: Actually, I can probably answer that for myself, can’t I; they discontinued the OS five years ago, so excuse my silly question.


It’s working fine for me right now, so I would suggest it is an issue on your end, not with WK itself.

Some people who are using scripts have noted that certain ones like Lightning Mode are causing problems. Also, since you’re on a mobile, are you using one of the third-party apps? There is no official WK app, just the website. In either of those situations, it would be more productive to post in the pertinent thread.

No scripts or anything else, just plain old mobile IE 11 without any extras (no support for anything like that).
I guess I’ll try clearing the cache and all that usual stuff again.

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It works for me.

Are you sure that it’s actually mobile IE11 that you’re using?

My phone has Microsoft Edge 40.15254.603.0 (Microsoft EdgeHTML 15.15254) installed. I just tested for the first issue you found and I couldn’t reproduce it.

I am 100% sure. Windows Phone 8.1 never received Edge.


It seems like clearing the cache and all that doesn’t help.

Unfortunately it seems like there isn’t much recourse. You can try emailing hello@wanikani.com and seeing what they say.

Might be a ridiculous question, but can you change the orientation from portrait to landscape? Would that help? I know sometimes on websites, I have to change to landscape for the website to load correctly.

I think you may have meant to respond to @SyntaXis above. :smiley:

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If you’re still having this issue, please send us an email and we’ll try to take a closer look. We don’t support IE11 but we’ll see if it’s because of an update we made earlier this week. And if you’re using any scripts with your browser, we suggest turning those off too.

Windows Phone? :face_vomiting:
Should upgrade to a Nokia N-Gage.

@BroccoliPanera, sadly, it doesn’t help with WaniKani.
@JenK, yes, all the issues are still present. I’ll send an e-mail with a demo video to hello@wanikani.com later, maybe it’d be somewhat helpful.

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