WaniKani, Anki, and Japanese tool libraries for coders

This includes how I access API v1, API v2, how I log-in to web using Python. Recently, I also tried to work with WaniKani Community (Discourse)

Also, mass-resurrection script, as a fix while Burn Manager is still broken.

Even if you don’t do Python, you might find https://github.com/patarapolw/WaniKaniTools/blob/master/database/id.txt useful, for manipulating API v2.

I might consider adding Javascript, as I can do a little of that too.


I also added traversing WaniKani Community in the above project.

This can be used to read EDICT2 and JMdict, with Python.


In case you are interested, Anki *.apkg file reader and editor. I really wish *.apkg would be able to be open in a program other than Anki itself (which might have a better UI/UX). (見てご覧、@neicul )

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Nice! Import of anki decks is my top prio after completing the basic functionality. I believe .apkg can just be extracted like a .zip and then it contains a .anki/.anki2 file with db structure contents, right?

Sadly I haven’t done much with Python myself, I work mostly with Javascript and C#. But I can understand most of the code in the github ^^ Should be a big help, thanks for sharing!

I have my HomePage here.

However, for some reasons.
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EDICT2, JMdict (and CEDICT) reader for Python.

Also, WaniKaniTools and AnkiTools are updated.

I totally forgot about DictReader… DictReader is deprecated.


Thank you for sharing your great work! I am currently travelling and slightly annoyed by the online necessity of the WK app. I was thinking about writing a python script that takes my WK progress / status and dynamically creates and modifies an Anki deck so I can synchronize when i have wifi while on the go and still be able to study when I do not. Kind of like a two way sync between those two services. If you do not mind I would like to add the repository to your collection of tools as soon as I have produced something worthy of presenting to other people.