Wanikani and Verbs

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Does WK teach the majority of verbs used in Japanese?


I don’t have an exact answer to this, so maybe one of the level 60’s can help you out better than I can for exact figures!

But what I do know is WK teaches about 1,800 of the main Kanji you will ever need to be proficient in Japanese. Most verbs use Kanji too, or in the case where they’re more commonly written in Kana, have a historical kanji, ergo you’ll likely come across the vast majority of them. The vocab even teaches you the different variations of each verb (e.g transitive/intransitive)

What it will not teach you however is how to conjugate them, for that you will need a textbook :slight_smile:

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That was my thinking too, that most verbs use kanji and would therefore be covered.

Im not worried about the grammar as I do all that outside of WK :slight_smile:

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One thing I’ve become aware of is that wk teaches very limited usages of a word, related to its main or primary usage. For the 掛ける/掛かる verb pair it teaches the to “to hang”/“to be hung” meanings, but those two verbs have many, many usages. Wk is not a replacement for vocab study, it only uses the vocabulary to reinforce meanings and readings of the kanji. It is first and foremost a kanji learning tool.

Edit: from jisho:


There are lots of verbs taught here. But you really only learn how to read them.

There are also lots of verbs not taught here. I made a topic on ones from the first ten levels.


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