WaniKani Übersicht - Recent Unlocks


Heya y’all. I really liked my ubersicht plugin, but I wanted to display a bunch more information on the desktop. This is one of the few i’ve been working on that I feel are stable enough to show off! Basically Ubersicht shows information and whatnot on your Desktop on OSX! Its extremely lightweight and works really well! This plugin shows the recent unlocks on WaniKani! Its neat and tidy and works well!


Installation is found on my Github.


Thanks to weslly for I used his code as a base for querying the API, he also created the original script.

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GitHub link gives 404.

I’m intrigued by the idea :slight_smile: though concerned it may be detrimental to the effect of SRS for me personally.

Good pickup! One tab too many, woops!