WaniKame for using WaniKani on iOS

Hello everyone. I post here the link for an iOS app for WaniKani. It is based on TsuruKame, with several add features.

It is a free app.

If you wish new features, do not hesitate to ask.


That seems very interesting indeed. Could you tell us more about the added features? I downloaded the app but I haven’t noticed differences, but I have only gave a very quick look.


Isn’t this the same app that cost like 3 dollars beforehand and got taken down :sweat_smile:

I’m gonna ask again because you weren’t able to answer last time:

What features does this app have beyond those of TsuruKame?
And is it possible to sign in with an API key instead of name and password?

Thanks for being open to new features!


Yes, I think apps should get paid. It is kind of an incentive for the developers to maintain the développement of the app. But it goes against WaniKani’s API terms.

There is auto-capitalization of words in English.
You can copy and paste vocabulary and kanji.

And fixed some bugs

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I don’t mind paying for apps, in fact I much prefer it to the current model most apps use of asking for subscription payments. That being said, at the moment this apps looks too little of an improvement over Tsurukame to justify paying for it. If it had some extra features I would consider it.

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Anyways, I will update it because I found it more enjoyable than the mobile version.