Wani kani promo codes

Hey guys, i would really really appreciate it if you could tell me whether there are any codes for wanikani. Im trying to get the subscription but I’m a teenager so I’m poor. xD I will appreciate any help!

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there’s a xmas sale but i hear WK can be helpful if you contact them yourself.

do the free levels first.

i’m a parent of 3 and if my kid showed me they’re motivated and explain how an app works and how they plan to use it, i’d pay for it tbh. so maybe you could also do that.

ask for help for the first month from your parents and show them how you used your time.

someone else asked the same question



This. When I created my account at 13, I was thrown aback at the price tag despite being interested in WK. After the Overhaul, I came back to WK and found it so helpful that I took the plunge & my parents were willing to pay for it.

This is an educational program, so they might be pleased to see your interest in it & happy to help out with the money!

Kudos for asking us about it & the annual lifetime sale is part of the Crabigator’s Holy Scripture, so expect $100 off lifetime around Dec. 18th. Get the yearly subscription until then & WK will refund you the difference for the last months you did not use when you buy lifetime.


Thanks so much! This was so helpful, and I will definitely check it out. Sadly my parents are more traditional and want me to learn kanji with a text book and pen and paper. Which didn’t work for me ;-; I found this and it is amazing. Thats so much for your help! Ill havta take the plunge and ask my parents . Thanks for your time



Like everyone else suggested, I strongly recommend trying to get through the first 3 free levels first without thinking too much about subscriptions! It’ll give you enough time to see if it works for your studies without the pressure of signing up. Take time to learn about how WaniKani works and ask us anything over on live chat or email (hello@wanikani.com)! And of course, feel free to reach out to us too when you’re at the end of level 3 :+1:


thank you! I have just “graduated” to level 3! :smiley:


You can log in and out of the forum if you want your level badge to reflect that (unless you intentionally overrode it to 1 on purpose)

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I think you mean level 2? I just looked at your account and it looks like you levelled up from 1 to 2. Keep up the good work! :crabigator:


Yeah, they did. First level-up should be celebrated!

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ohh thanks guys! Im blind! anyway, ill go celebrate with reviews!!



Even though I didn’t take that advice at all and didn’t even know hiragana/katakana yet. (But hey I wanted that winter sale!)

Now I got a fun little hobby to do right before work… And during my work lunch… And right after work… 6 work days a week… (With extra studying on rest days, gotta stay diligent after all.)

Yes sir ee, just lots of fun being had over here! Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:

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