Wani Kani mystery


I swear I tried in にせもの first, and got it wrong…

ぎぶつ appears to be a valid, extremely rare reading for 偽物 - but it definitely should’ve given you a shake and told you it’s not the reading WK is looking for :thinking:

They probably listed it officially at some point in the past and then moved it to the hidden whitelist instead. にせもの is so common that they probably should just remove ぎぶつ entirely.


Today, I learnt something new! :eyes:

(I would defo not consider ぎぶつ as a reading. :sweat_smile: But, it doesn’t hurt to know it exists. ^>^ )


I want to unhide it where is it

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It would be cool if they could label readings by frequency, e.g. give them a per thousand use case rating or something like that.


The only way to see it is via an API call:

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