Wall of Shame Fortune Telling - (Aka I think Wanikani is trying to tell me something)


I think it was just trying to tell you that Bill is the shit.


Okay so I just clicked here because someone was scrolling through this thread and liked this post for whatever reason (thank you nice person) and I just remembered that I actually did have to go to a police box in japan because I lost my wallet.

It was not a very lively experience. WaniKani lied to me. Guess I’m quitting WK. /s


The great WaniKani never lies. You just misinterpreted his will. How dare you doubt his absolute power. :angrykoichi:


Can you help an old altar boy, Father?




力 Power

  • Meaning Correct Percent



  • Reading Correct Percent



大した Considerable

  • Meaning Correct Percent



  • Reading Correct Percent




Uh oh, I broke something…


I must not forget to do my reviews again! :cold_sweat:


I know I don’t do enough sports but jeez, WaniKani, I don’t need you to remind it to me.


o shyt


(I’m testing the links dk how they work)


I try too… but there are so mean… sniff


I’ll try.


I’ve been unconscious abroad.


But why :cry:


The mighty GZA once taught me about those who front. At least he’s assured me he’s got my back.



I might find some spooky scary skeletons!




i feel like i’ve gotten others incorrect more often than 了 but sure. maybe it’s telling me to finish other stuff before i work on wanikani? like dishes?