Wall of Shame Fortune Telling - (Aka I think Wanikani is trying to tell me something)


Oh man, that is exactly how I feel. I do learn Japanese very correct, but what a great trouble!


I thought those things were only sold to like cities and towns, not ordinary citizens…
But even if I can buy it, what should I do with it?.. The Great Crabigator’s way of thinking is a mysterious one for sure :sweat_smile:


Dang straight, there’re too many young’uns around here. Get off my lawn, whippersnappers :older_man:


How? From who?
Alright, suppose I’ve bought it and am now the proud owner of the last year. What am I going to do with it? I mean, it’s already gone; it’s like buying an appartment in a demolished building… :sweat_smile:


No, no, no! Oh Great Crabigator, I do believe! See how faithfully I have been serving you twice a day for over a year :bowing_woman: :crabigator:


I love that yours is post number 666 in the thread :joy::joy::joy:

Here’s my latest wall of shame, sounds like a riddle:

And I know this one! It’s weed! Tetrahydrocannabinol! We were all thinking it, right?



Well, at least it is quiet …


I never noticed that thanks :rofl: Your sentence is a good example of a:


The wall of shame is nothing to make light of :grimacing:


I didn’t know a valley could be imported. :thinking:
Every day I learn new things here on WK



This is hilarious!


Well… Don’t we all visit WK for this purpose?


Where do you see the wall of shame please? I would like to know mine, thank you :slight_smile:


On the WaniKani dashboard, click on “Menu”, then click on “Profile”


I know @Borx does. IDK about anyone else.


Don’t you mean @borx doesn’t? :wink:


You are totally right. My bad, Borxie!

Image result for chiya gif


Thank you!

My wall of shame is “Capital” (I used to always get “capital” and “east” mixed up) and “To carry out a task” (a common reading mistake I made was “okanau” instead of “okonau”)


I’m not a burglar, I swear!