Waiting! One singular great benefit!

I am a first time user.

I thought I’d say something about the waiting!

Though it’s a bit frustrating, I actually think it’s great for those of us like myself who find it really hard to delay gratification. This is already teaching me to be patient and to not go full speed.

In the past when learning Japanese I would burn myself out. The intensity of it all would eventually fizzle out and I’d become ‘disinterested’ (it wasn’t disinterest, but overwhelm. I just packed too much in too quickly).

So, yeah, this is good for us who need to learn to be patient!

I have about 4 hours to wait. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I understand this very well! Be sure to also start rationing your lessons as you progress! No need to have 0 lessons every day, better to do some each day, than to do a hundred one day, and none the following three days.


This is of course the general wisdom that most people abide by here on WK. I totally agree this is a good way to go about the lessons.

But I also don’t do this! :joy: I do all my lessons at once…or rather in 3 large chunks. All last level vocab + radicals. Then all kanji. Then all new vocab. Done, within a couple of hours!

I just like to have this sense of overview of the items I’m learning on each level. But, that’s just me, probably. ^^;

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Hi Saida. Yes, I intend to keep going each day and see how I fare, rather than let them build up. We will see how it goes especially when it becomes a lot harder.

A fellow student said that he got to level 8 but it was incredibly difficult. I’m up for the challenge :slight_smile: I have a Yotsuba manga in Japanese that has been sitting there for a while waiting to be read.


Hi ekg,

It may be that my learning style might change once it gets harder. I totally get the whole overview style of learning too, to make sure you’ve grasped it all well in one go. It’s also a good approach :slight_smile:

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I’d recommend taking a read through the relevant parts of this guide if you haven’t already.


One of the reasons why I was first drawn to Wanikani is because I knew that the forced pacing would be good for me.

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Exactly this :)). That’s how I work well. I can’t pace myself by myself. I need to be routed when it comes to learning.

Ah, yes, I’d heard of this individual! Thank you. I will peruse :slight_smile:

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No worries, it’s filled with good advice and tips which will help you in building up your WK routine :blush:

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