Vtuber struggling through Wanikani reviews

I thought some of you might like this. I have over 1k reviews to go myself (been lazy) and I found it kinda motivating to see someone get frustrated with WK but still trucking along.
She’ll do more streams like this in the future, should be fun to watch her progress.

If you need some context about her: She’s one of the 5 (very) new vtubers from the first generation of the English branch of the vtuber agency Hololive. Her character is a reaper (on hiatus) and she does raps where she mixes English and Japanese. And now she’s slowly slaying the ~1700 reviews she has to do… wish her luck.


This has already been posted here an hour ago, for reference:
Vtuber Mori Calliope from HololiveEN uses WaniKani


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