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Welcome to japanesejapanesejapanese (worktitle)

Too much stuff. Discovering hard. Can’t vote.


You can suggest, vote, discover, discuss etc.

Site MVP. Barely works. Essentially a bunch of templates stapled together. New products must be approved first to avoid bad stuff. Feedback please.


The site looks all sorts of jacked up on a phone. :sweat_smile:

It was built a minute ago. Will take a look via phone right away

Edit: Looks ok on my side. What kind of phone are you using? Can you upload a screenshot?

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iOS. For example if I click one of the menu options it looks like this:

It’s like it’s being placed some amount of pixels offscreen to the left.

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Uff. No idea. Maybe try to open it as desktop site. It might be less than barely working on iOS - I’ll keep working on it.

Hope a few people take a look and let me know what their thoughts are. Even this is even something people would like.

Everything can be adjusted and changed. We could also just make it about one specific think like courses or change the categories/style.

Sorry you instantly ran into a death wall. :hammer_and_wrench:

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Just to be clear, this is a site that aggregates Japanese resources, related to both learning and entertainment, in which people can suggest different resources and then vote on the ones they prefer? Because that’s not clear at all from your post alone :joy:

The site looks good though (on desktop).


Thanks, I was incredibly confused


Looking good (on desktop as well)! I like the idea too.
You should probably try to populate it a bit more beforehand, though.
For books, you can just google stuff like ラノベ おすすめ 一覧 (light novel recommendation list) and grab the top 10 or something?

Also, maybe remove that comment on the Wanikani app page:

Test Aug 18, 2020
This is a test comment


Looks good, I think? It’s hard for me to truly tell as there isn’t much material on the site yet, but the structure at least seems pretty intuitive and the design isn’t an in-your-face style. A rather intriguing idea, I’m interested in seeing how it turns out

That’s the idea yeah
Not sure where to draw the lines, work in progress

Like a Japanese stuff version of
Pretty much the same functionality

I think it’s off to a good start, and I’ll be interested to see how you fill it out!

Everyone can fill it out. That’s the point!

Doesn’t seem like there is any interest in such a format

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