Volume 3 (Original Ed.): フルーツバスケット ・ Fruits Basket 🍏 🍇 🍑 🍒 🍐 🍊 🧺

Did you realize that we’re almost done with Volume 3?! Here is Chapter 17!


Start Date Chapter Pages (Original) Pages (Collector’s) Page Count
Oct 24th Chapter 17 127 - 156 (v3) 131 - 160 (v2) 30


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Oh, and one more thing: Since we are now following the numbering scheme of the Original Edition, I think we should also treat this book club accordingly when it comes to starting new volumes etc. Therefore a poll should be in order:

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I’m up for whenever, so I selected all the options (except for longer). I haven’t been reading along so far, but I’m excited to start in on volume 4 whenever you decide to begin. :grin: