Vol 4 - シメジシミュレーション - Shimeji Simulation

There seems to be a lot of nonsense on page 105. Like Majime I’m left wondering 結局ヌモミって何…?I’m assuming numomi is not a commonly understood concept in real Japan. The people in this world seem to understand it but that doesn’t include Majime.

Always nice to have a cameo appearance from Yuu and Chii-chan! I liked the Shimeji and Majime donuts.

An interesting ending to the chapter. I wonder if they’ll tie this up before the end of the volume?


Yeah, I looked it up and it doesn’t seem to appear in any dictionaries or anything. It felt to me like the students running the café would just mentally summon whatever food came to mind out of the nonsense the customer ordered and hand it over…

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Chapter 40 - Masic

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Last week!

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Dem, dat ending :musical_note: .

I still love this manga despite finding it a bit too surreal / confusing at times. I really wonder in what direction is next volume going to go.

Thank you @Micki for running the club!


Yeah I’m still loving it too. It’s hard because sometimes you’re not sure if you are missing something or if it is just supposed to be surreal/abstract.

This was a great extended final chapter again to finish off the volume. I enjoyed how Shimeji became the centre character in deciding the future of the town, and her thought process for which option she would choose. I also loved when they thought people had turned into alligators but they were just 着ぐるみ!

I’m also interested to see where the story goes next. I’ve enjoyed being in this strange version of the world for this volume. It feels like we are now heading for a new world?