Voiced Hiragana I Don't Know How to Pronounce

I was reading some らんま1/2 last night and I found a character I don’t know how to pronounce. For all I can see it appears to be a ぬ with diacritical marks on it. But I couldn’t find any resources on how to say it.


There’s no official pronunciation for these kinds of kana. Basically the dakuten just signifies more emphasis, or a kind of growling pronunciation, or in this case, I would say a sense of exertion. Say it like you’re kind of grunting it, if you want to read it out loud.


I think that happens a lot in the Ranma mangas. I think I remember seeing あ with dakuten a few times. I like Leebo said, there’s no official pronunciation but the fun about manga is that you can make up what you think it sounds like by looking a the pictures.

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Yeah, Wikipedia’s article on dakuten describes it as “In informal writing, dakuten is occasionally used on vowels to indicate a shocked or strangled articulation; for example, on あ゙ or ゔ. Dakuten can also be occasionally used with ん (ん゙) to indicate a guttural hum, growl, or similar sound.”


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