I saw that wanikani has vocabulary and I was wondering when we can start doing the vocabulary section? I’ve got a paid membership, but it hasn’t allowed me to access the vocabulary, so I’m wondering if I need to go up in levels to access that or can I just access it even though I’m still at level 1?

Getting radicals to guru status unlocks associated kanji.

Getting kanji to guru status unlocks associated vocabulary.

Guru is achieved after 4 correct reviews (assuming no incorrect reviews in the same time).

At level 1, it should only take a couple days to do that for the first items.


On a side note, the first 3 levels are absolutely free with no limitations whatsoever, so you didn’t have to subscribe to have access to anything. I’m sure Wanikani doesn’t mind at all, but researching a little bit about how the site works before paying money can help you prevent this kind of thing in the future.


It would probably be a good idea to skim through these to get a better idea of how WK works.

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I’m sure if OP sends an email to WK they’ll give him a refund.

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