Vocabulary words that sound too much like Japanese people's names, go!

That’s true, but they tend to be less literal in other languages. Japanese names lean into it.

I’m not trying to make fun of Japanese people here, it just makes it useful for mnemonics.

There are some foreign names intentionally named after things like Luna (moon) but Joes, Bobs, Roberts, etc aren’t usually common nouns, as their kids would probably get picked on. There’s no sound-alikes for Seans, Jeffs, Williams, Bills, etc. None of the common ones, anyway. I knew a latin lady named AMERICA though!

I’m living in Japan. I literally know people whose first names are Friendship (various spellings of yuko), Friend (I call him Yo-san), Friend-child, Friend energy child, Distant Future (Mirai), Flower, Smell, Green, Snow (various spellings of yuki and snow child), Autumn, Dragon, Good, etc. I went to the theater and the guy’s real name was SARUTOKI (Monkey Object?)

It’s helpful to remember!

Thank you!
Now the bitter knees exist in a coherent scenario :durtle_noice:
Plus I can still lick my roommates’ knees… you know, for science.


What about that Bill Posters guy?

Also, I used to know a guy named Neil Downward.


…dollar bills?

not to refute your whole point! japanese does have a lot of sound alike names.

just, english absolutely does have these names, traditionally feminine names more so (most flower and gemstone names off the top of my head, but also other stuff like india, hope, patience, etc.). john and jack too, for traditionally masculine names, plus the whole nominative determinism thing (smith, baker, etc.)

and never forget richard

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yep there’s definitely a bunch. i’m not anglo or american so I don’t know honestly :slight_smile:

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Huey, Dewey, Louie, and their short brother who doesn’t work in entertainment, Hikui


This one’s funny because of the implied pronunciation.