Vocabulary Usage Questions:

I wanted to start a place where people could ask questions about word meanings, since I read the sentences that come with vocabulary as they help me establish the context for different vocabulary, even though I don’t understand a lot of the sentances completely yet. My first question is about a sentence for Injustice: 俺の叔母は、いつも自分が今までにした不正やごまかしについて話をする。
My aunt always talks about her personal acts of injustice and deception. What is the purpose of 今まで, until now or so far, in the sentence?


It’s functioning like you think. It’s modifying the した to say something like “done until now” or “ever done”. So something more literally like:

“To have talks concerning injustices and deceptions ever done.”

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Ah thank you! I am used to hearing and translating sentences as literally as possible so I have to learn to make the translations fit the sentence. I learned Latin for 9 years through high school and then minored in it in college, where translating as literally is possible is vital to understand the text :slight_smile:


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